Time for a Polish

Our last trip to Bridlington was great even if the sun struggled to show it’s face for long.

Birdseye view or Bomb run

We now have a few weeks before our next outing which will be for 5 nights at a couple of different sites. Add to that the fact that the van has been out in the sea air and it is time for a clean & polish.

I was just going to do the front ‘hump’ (no camels here) of the roof, get rid of the dead flies and try to bring back some shine that had been lost over the year.

My plans started to go wrong when I could not reach some of the ‘hump’ from the sides or from standing on the bonnet. The big ladder came out and I was on the roof to finish the parts that I could not reach.

On hands and knees I edged backwards and found myself polishing the roof as I headed for the ladder. By the time I reached the ladder I had polished the entire roof.

Once back on firm ground I had to clean the footprints off the bonnet which turned into a full cab polish and so it went on.

Two and a half hours later I stopped, job done apart from the wheel trims but I had run out of steam by then.

The Wood Pigeons were so impressed that one of them dropped a bomb to test the shine or was it my resolve. Out came the water and sponge 🧽 , I was not going to be intimidated by the local residents.

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