Revival Time for Iona

Trip 9: Goodwood Revival, Chichester.

We were due to go to the Goodwood Revival last year 2020 but then Covid 🦠changed everyone’s plans. Goodwood was just one of the thousands of events cancelled. However we were given the option of a refund or carry the tickets over to the next year, 2021.

This year we decided to break the journey again but find somewhere further south. We opted for a Camping & Caravan site at Chertsey, just off the M25. Our friends also booked a pitch on the site so we could drive the last section in tandem.

We arrived in Chertsey after an uneventful three hour drive. We got two pitches right next to the river Thames. We had just made a cuppa and Gary & Carol arrived, they had missed the turning and then they could not find anywhere to turn around. I must admit that the sign for the site could not be seen until you were on top of it.

We settled down outside in the sun and Sue cooked a tea of roast chicken, haloumi fries and salad. We then just sat, talked, laughed as well as having a few drinks.

Carol did go to bed but she came back out to join us, a little worse for wear. We retired into our vans at about 21.30. It was a bit chilly by then but dry.

Day 2:

We were up and about early, probably a bit too early, 7.30am. All the jobs were done and we were ready to leave by 9.00. In the end we left at 9.40am. The M25 was busy but we only had one junction before taking the A3.

We arrived at the Goodwood campsite just gone 11.00am. A steward gave us 2 pitches together so we could set up facing each other.

At the end of our row on the campsite there is a Ford Model T and as we went for a walk Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson got in it and left for the motor racing circuit. The car was an original used in a Laurel & Hardy film.

Sue, Gary and I walked upto the stewards to get some wrist bands so we can get back into the campsite tomorrow. on the way back we came across a WW2 army truck that was named ‘Martha’ , so I had to take a picture of it for our granddaughter Martha. I am sure she would have preferred a unicorn but this is Goodwood.

We had tea, Carol cooked Fajitas, I just ate the meat and peppers. We stayed outside until about 10.00pm. Then inside to watch TV.

Day 3:

Practice day so we were entertained at 8.00am by an air display completed by 3 Spitfires. We then got dressed ready to go to the circuit.

There was more displays this year. We started by heading towards the grandstands and then walked through the tunnel to the inside of the circuit.

The first port of call was the Race paddocks which are open, so you can view most of the cars at close quarters, we then headed out to the static aircraft display before moving onto the ‘Barracks’ across the airfield where all the military trucks and tanks are held ready for tomorrow’s parade.

There is also a new shopping village this year so we wandered around the ‘streets until I got a message from a friend from work days. We left the ‘Barracks’ and made our way to find our friends. Eventually we found them and headed to the nearest bar which was the Grenadier. We even got a band playing a few tunes.

We talked for about an hour catching up to what they were doing. It was interesting to hear that Craig is no longer building but he is a Security expert for Warner Bros studio. He is currently working for the Game of Thrones film.

After our catch-up we parted and they went to collect their picnic hamper and we headed for the ‘over the road’ village. Another wander around high priced shops, some with classic cars for sale ranging from £40k upto £347k.

We looked for a picnic bench to sit and drink the G&Ts Sue had in her bag. We shared a table with a Scottish couple. We chatted to them while drinking our cheeky gins and as we were about to leave their daughter arrived so we said goodbye.

We had walked some distant , nearly 7 miles, so we decided to head back to the campsite and call it a day. Tomorrow is race day so that will be a long day but without so much walking.

On the way home we found an area full of Hot Rods so we had a wander around the display before heading home.

It is Sue’s turn to cook tea tonight. Steak and veg.

Day 4.

Today we got up early and we left for the circuit by 9.15am. We found a space by the fence and set up our ‘camp’. Our neighbours were from Suffolk and they knew one of the motorbike riders.

The rider they knew broke down after an engine failure, they pulled off the track opposite our position so our new friend went to see what had happened. He returned with a picture of the engine with the conrod sticking through the cylinder.

We watched the races until 5.00pm then we left our position and went to find somewhere quiet to have a G&T. We sat on a grass bank and people watched.

Day 5.

We left the campsite early and got a lift in a Willy’s jeep to the main entrance which saved our legs and it avoided the crowds. Once in the circuit we headed for Madgwick corner to watch the racing.

We started at the top of the bank but it was windy so we went down beside the fence. The weather had changed and we had light rain showers on and off for an hour. I did not take an umbrella or a waterproof so I got quite damp and we nearly went back to the van.

We persevered because there were two more races we wanted to see. Then there was a Victory parade with 70 vehicles, the rain stopped and it got warmer. The two races were worth staying for as was the victory parade. We then made our way back to the van.

Our neighbours joined us and we sat talking for some time. They left us at about 18.00 and Carol then cooked tea. We had pie and veg and then sat outside until about 21.00 when it began to get cold.

It was was a great end to the weekend. Sue is already looking forward to next year.

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