Iona visits Bridlington again

Trip 8: Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club, Bridlington.

Wine o’clock on the beach?

There were issues to this trip. There was a huge funeral at Lincoln Cathedral so we had to avoid the city centre and use the new Eastern bypass. The new route was much easier and quicker than going our normal route.

Then there was the Humber Bridge toll which is now contactless which could be easier or even worse. It turned out to be easier and we were soon on our way to Beverley.

We arrived at the campsite and although nearly full we had a choice of pitches. We chose one against the fence, near the road to the stables. At least then we are not surrounded by campers although the pitches are big enough for a van, an awning and a car. We only have the van and a windbreak this trip.

After lunch we walked to the beach which is about 400yds away down a ramp used by the yacht club.

Today we turned right towards Fraisthorpe, the beach was quite busy so we turned back towards Bridlington and found a place to sit and watch the view.

Then it was off towards Bridlington, we did not go into the town today, we only went to see the prom and ended up doing 10000 steps.

A distant Bridlington

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading in Iona before Sue started tea. Tonight it is fillet steak, corn, potato croquettes & salad.

Day 2:

We started the day outside reading but it was quite windy so we packed a few things and walked the 500yds to the beach. We found a good spot out of the wind at the base of some dunes.

I went for a paddle and came back with wet shorts after getting caught by a wave. The water felt far too cold for swimming.

We walked back to Iona for lunch and for some reason we put our swim costumes on before heading back to the beach.

The idea was to read 📖 and make the most of the limited sunshine. However I got bored and went for another paddle, the problem was I could not stop myself from walking out until the sea was at my waste and all of a sudden I was swimming 🏊🏻‍♂️.

Sue had been watching from the beach and the temptation was too much and she came and joined me. I still had my glasses 👓 on so I took them back to the beach 🏖 with the idea of staying on dry land but I went back to play in the surf 🏄

Back on the beach we dried off, although I had my T-shirt on so that came off to dry in the wind & sun. we had a good 4 hours on the beach and returned to Iona to get ready for tea.

Tea tonight was Fajitas , not my favourite, I admit, but very filling none the less. Tomorrow may be a BBQ but it is all dependent on the weather. Tonight it is windy and quite cold outside.

Day 3:

Oh dear, the sun has left us and we have a thick covering of cloud. No swimming today. And just as I write this it starts to drizzle rain ☔️.

It did stop raining and we walked into Bridlington, we walked around the town and found a fish monger where we bought 6 dressed crabs. We then walked around the harbour and watched the kids fishing for crabs.

We walked home via the arcade and checked when the fish & chip shop was open. We had lunch and read then the sun came out and we headed out again towards the beach.

We did not last long on the beach. The wind was cool and we only lasted about an hour before heading back to Iona. Now at 18.00 it is overcast and dull but we may still go for a drink in the dunes.

Back to the beach, the wind had dropped and we sat with a bottle of wine, watching the RNLI race along the beach with blues and twos. They eventually left the beach for the bus station where they waited sometime before an ambulance arrived. There was still flashing lights when we left to walk home. We now know someone had breathing difficulties and the RNLI were already nearby.

As we walked home past the Yacht club marquee there was a band in the midst of a sea shanty.

Day 4:

No sun today and after the normal jobs we sat inside reading. I then had this idea that we should go for a walk.

Today we walked south along the beach past Fraisthorpe to the beach at Barmston , where we turned around and headed back.

We watched some sand martins feeding their young in the cliffs along the beach.

By the time we got back to Iona we had been walking nearly 2 hours and covered five miles.

Tonight we are walking to the shop and then calling in at the fish & chip shop by the arcade, we will probably eat them on the beach.

We walked to the Mini Mart and I bought a 4 pack of beer and then we went to the Chippy. They had a good system, you ordered and sat outside until your name was called, that way you did not have to stand in a shop full of people. Even now some did not wear masks,

We took our fish & chips down to the beach. We sat by the sand dunes and ate them while we people watched, obviously washed down with a beer although Sue had a glass and a small bottle of wine.

Today the wheat was being harvested behind the Moho.They had almost finished the huge field next to the campsite when we got back to Iona. They finished it well before dark.

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