Camping is allowed from April

Well we still have the pandemic but some restrictions are being relaxed. Staying away from home is one of them so this means camping can begin.

However don’t get too excited because the first month will be horrendous and we have already decided not to rush out because we can.

Iona has now had a full service so we are ready whenever we choose to go. The first will probably be somewhere like Rutland Water, the site is massive and only really packed on bank holidays and weekends.

While waiting to go away I was looking for projects and I saw that the new Auto-Trail Imalas have a splash back in the bathroom although it is really only a 30mm join between the sink and the wall.

Still I thought it was worth investigating but in our bathroom there is a wall panel join in the way. I suppose I could have removed it and sealed the panels before adding some beading but I decided not to.

The kitchen was different and it was a feasible addition. The first job was to find a Perspex supplier because there was nothing suitable in the DIy stores.

I found a company online called and their website allowed you to custom design any sheet of Perspex they stocked. Our requirements were fairly simple, 105cm x 12cm with a round corner.


I was going to stick it to the wall panel with silicone adhesive but it looked as if the adhesive would show though the ivory coloured Perspex. Added to this is the problem that the worktop had a slight bow in the middle, I don’t understand how that can happen but this is a motorhome.

I then needed some sort of moulding to hide the gap between the splashback and the worktop. Some tile edging strip fitted the job but trying to find a colour match was impossible. I did have some Ivory edging left over from a project years ago and this turned out to be the nearest match.

I decided to use mirror fixing screws which have a chrome cap hiding the screw. I ordered the wrong type to start with because the walls are thin plywood and the screw part would have just been into the polystyrene inner core. I found an alternative with metal caps and self tapping screws.

After with the splash-back fitted.

The final job was to decide how many screws to use to hold the panel secure. In the end we decided this by sticking the screw caps on the splashback with blue tack to see which version looked best and we went for three screws.

We added a couple of these screws to the cooker splashback which only had flanged screws showing. The chrome caps have smartened it up and they match the worktop splashback.

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