The Trip that never Happened

Trip 9: Waterloo Farm Leisure, Oxendon, Market Harborough.

Waterloo Farm Leisure

It is November and Covid 19 is still as strong and virulent but we are heading to one of the least affected areas. This maybe our last trip this year as the Tier 3 status expands across the country.

Hopefully now I have this new WordPress app I will be able to write the blog notes straight to WordPress without having to transfer them from another app. Pictures can be numbered and added with Wi-fi connection. Although I think I can add them straight into the blog and they upload once I have a Wi-fi connection.

I have found a site with a hard standing pitch near some fishing lakes and more importantly, a disused railway line that is now a right of way. Some walking opportunities. In theory we can walk to Northampton from Market Harborough, (54 miles? Maybe not this year).

Well we have not even left for the campsite yet and rumour has it that Boris is putting us into Lockdown. How does that affect this trip? We will know soon. So far it looks as if any lockdown will start midway through our trip.

<~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday 31st October ~~~~~~~~~~~>

Well Boris has told us all about Covid and Lockdown it is from Thursday. No travel on Thursday so it is not worth going for Tuesday because we would have to come back on Wednesday.

I have asked Waterloo Farm if I can transfer the booking to February or March. Hopefully this will be possible because it looks a good site to visit. I await their reply.

Iona 🚍 is now stuck on the drive, probably until the new year although I am sure we will go and have a drink 🥃 in her at some stage, just so we feel as if we are camping.

Trip 9: 0 miles, endless mpg, 0 mph, 720 hr 0 m

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