Iona’s Looking for Mussels

Trip 2, Burnham Deepdale camping.

Brancaster is next to Burnham Deepdale. The village of Brancaster Staithe to give it the full name, Staithe is an old word meaning landing stage or Wharf where boats can be loaded and unloaded and Brancaster is famous for it’s mussels.

We arrived and got set up fairly quickly. We had lunch and decided to go for a walk upto Barrow Common and then head back to the village via the Jolly Sailors pub at Brancaster village.

The walk took us uphill to the common where we had a great view of the village with the mud flats behind. We saw two Muntjac deer along the way.

Brancaster Staithe

We continued down to the village and stopped at the pub,The Jolly Sailors, where I had a couple of pints of different beers and Sue went for Wine.

We left the pub and walked home where we chilled until tea.The walk today was 4.2 miles, a practice day for tomorrow which could be a lot more.

Day 2

Today we went for a walk to Burnham Overly Staithe which is the next village along the coast. We walked along the sea wall and headed for the harbour. It was just over 4 miles and we were certainly feeling it by the time we got there.

We sat by the harbour to recover and Sue ate her lunch, I didn’t bother with mine. We had some tea and then headed back. The Hero pub looked inviting but we managed to get past it without calling in.

We were soon back on the sea flood bank and a couple of miles in we saw a muntjac deer in the salt marshes, it saw us but carried on eating as we went by. We got home just after 3pm . It had taken us just over 3 hours to do the 8.2 miles.

We were treated to Starling Murmurations right over Iona as the birds went to roost and then started up again. I took a video which was a bit optomistic.

Day 3.

Hopefully a quieter day. We walked up to The Fish Shed and bought a couple of Crabs for us and two for our neighbour Jenny, who keeps an eye on our pony while we are away.

We had a bit of banter with the ladies in the shed when I said I just wanted Crabs and one of the ladies asked if I wanted some cream for that. We took the crabs back home and waited until later before we made our way back to The Jolly Sailors.

At the Jolly Sailors we went for the mussels and chips for lunch with a pint of Wherry and a wine for Sue. It was as good as we remembered from last year. After a great lunch break we walked back to Iona.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in Iona reading before tea, although we were still full from lunch and our tea became a snack.

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