In search of Fish & Chips

Trip 10, Glebe House School, Hunstanton,Norfolk

We arranged a local trip to Rutland Water where we were just testing the repair to the alternator, which is now back to full working order. Since returning from Rutland Water (Trip 9) we have had a new Cambelt and Water pump fitted as recommended by those who know about these things.

Now we are all ready to head back to Hunstanton to try Fish & Chips and if the weather is as hot as it is forecast to be, then a swim in the sea may be on the cards.

We arrived at the campsite a little early but the stewards were happy to get us settled. We have a pitch at the far end of the playing field which suits us. We were soon set up with the gazebo sorted. It was hot though and getting hotter.

Hot Hot Hot

After lunch it seemed silly to sit around so I suggested a quick walk which turned out to be … let’s go in the sea. Well we had our costumes on under our shorts so we found a place and went paddling but it was rocky and the tide was going out.

We moved along the beach where it was not so rocky and found a groyne to leave our kit and we went for a swim. The sea was warmer than I have ever felt and when we got out the 39°c sun soon dried us off.

The wind was quite strong and Sue lost her hat 4 times.

Sue lost her hat a few times.

Sue suggested we should go to our favorite bar which is in The Golden Lion hotel. We settled on a table in the garden and I went to get some drinks. Sue wanted a med Rose wine. The waitress was very laid back and gave Sue a large measure plus what was left in the bottle, so Sue got a half pint of rose wine for £4.95, I had a beer.

The walk home took a little longer than expected because the wine was beginning to go to Sue’s head, she lost her hat again on Hunstanton high street, but luckily most places were shut because of the hot weather. We made it home, filled our water bottles before going to Iona.

We both had a cold shower to remove the salt before relaxing in the sun. It is so hot that we are not that hungry so we had a simple BBQ for tea, sausages and burgers 🍔

This could be the hottest day of the year and the van was at 39°C and the back of the fridge was 47°C. Even with the fridge vent covers removed.

Day 2:

After a hot and in my case restless night we awoke to a windy overcast day. The interior of the van is now down to 24°C which feels a lot better. I hope we get some sun because the Women’s Euro ⚽️ is on TV tonight. England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 take on Spain 🇪🇸

Hopefully the showers that are forecast from 17.00 will not come to much.

After lunch it was time for a walk. When we drove in to Hunstanton we saw a Romany Bowtop and some horses tied on a green under some trees. Sue said there was a white van with Deano Smith written on the side.

I know a man called Deano Smith from when we competed with our Pony and Carriage. His wife’s nephew once back stepped for me at a competition when Sue had hurt her back. Deano’s father in law was Gordon Boswell who has a Romany Museum near Spalding.

We decided to walk from the campsite to see if it was the same man. We got there and it was our friend Deano and his wife Louise, along with a dog and three coloured horses. We had not seen them since 2008 at the Indoor Driving Finals. We spent about an hour with them chatting by the bow-top and reminiscing on people and times now passed.

Apparently Deano is well known in the area from his business contacts, so staying on the green is normal.They were there for a few days and would be moving on before returning home to Spalding.

We walked back along the prom, there were quite a few people about but unlike yesterday when it was 40°C ,the sea was empty apart from one swimmer. We stopped for an ice cream and then made our way home.

Sue cooked a pawn risotto on the Cadac for tea and then I watched the women’s Euro. England beat Spain 2:1 in the quarter final

Day 3:

The morning started cloudy and cool, nearly getting to cold. With a fairly strong wind we decided to hide in the Quest until lunchtime. We spread the days chores out through the morning. When it was lunchtime the sun came out and Sue’s plans to go window shopping were changed to sunbathing and reading.

Tonight we are having King Prawns and salad with garlic bread which is of course the future, according to Peter Kaye.

Tomorrow some walking, visit the Golden Lion Hotel and then fish and chips.

Day 4:

We walked into town in the morning.Sue went shopping and bought a jumper. We walked around the town and then onto the prom where we bought some doughnuts.

We then walked back home and chilled. The sun was still not out and the wind was quite cool. In the afternoon we packed away the table chairs and gazebo ready for tomorrow’s departure

We had a drink at the Golden Lion then got Fish & Chips from Fishers. We ate them on the front.We then went and sat on the beach and had a couple of glasses of wine before walking back to the campsite.

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