Iona goes Rural in Rutland

Trip 9: July 2022, Lyndon Top, Rutland Water.

We started the day by heading to Grantham to try out a different garage for Autogas. The forecourt always looked a bit tight for the motorhome but after looking at Google earth I have decided to give it a go. If it is viable then we have another source for topping up the gas.

The Esso garage had plenty of space and we now have another garage to use. The rest of the trip to Rutland Water was fine.

We arrived at Lyndon Top and we were met by the stewards who let us through the barrier. We filled up with rbwater and then went to sign in. The stewards were very helpful and we chose a pitch in the middle of the field. It was on a slope but the ramps got us within 1° of level. We soon had the gazebo set up.

I just happened to check the batteries on the control panel and the vehicle battery was showing flat. Luckily I had read a FB chat about a man who had a similar problem. The answer was to check a fuse behind the drivers seat. I checked the said fuse and it was blown so I replaced it and the issue was sorted.

Today we are just going to chill around the van with maybe a short walk around the site this afternoon to see if anything has changed since we were last here.

Sue made a chicken pasta dish for tea and then we watched the Women’s Euro ⚽️,🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿v🇳🇴 ,which 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 won 1:0.

Day 2.

This morning it is windy and dull but the forecast is better in a couple of hours. We plan a walk this morning, possibly to the old Normanton church.

We over did the walk we ended up going past the Normanton church and carried on until we reached the Dam. We turned around and headed home but we stopped at an ice cream van near the yacht club. We bought a couple of delicious ice creams and continued home,

The total walk was 8.9 miles and our feet were beginning to notice the the extra miles. The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting in the sun and reading.

The Dam

For tea we had a bbq of sausage and burgers along with some courgettes and a Greek kebab thingy. We stayed out until 21.30 and retired to the van to watch the second half of the northern Ireland ⚽️ match on tv.

Day 3:

Today we spent the entire time at the campsite sitting in the sunshine and reading. A few more people turned up and we got some new neighbours behind us. There was still plenty of room either side.

Sue cooked steak on the Cadac for tea and we sat outside until 9.00pm and then we moved inside for the second half of the women’s football match on TV. Germany won 4:1

Red Sky at Night

The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and hot so we have paid for and extra day and we will go home on Sunday.

Day 4:

Another warm day with a cloudy start. We are going for a walk today. Our walk took us to the reservoir and then back to the RSPB visitor site and up the hill back to the campsite.

We spent the rest of the day reading but it was very hot so we kept swapping between the Quest room and the sunshine. Sue bought some ice creams from an ice cream van that visited the campsite. He must have done well because we saw him leave an hour later.

Tea tonight was a bbq starting with steamed fish and followed by burgers and sausage. We planned to sit out as long as possible as it is our last night. We went in at 22.00.

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