Iona goes for the Mussels

Trip 2: Burnham Deepdale , Norfolk. 2022.

Brancaster Staithe Harbour

Burnham Deepdale is a small village on the North Norfolk coast. We have been here twice before. The campsite is a comprehensive camping and backpacker’s site with full facilities plus a cafe,shop and garage. They also have a market with Pop Up stalls and Shops.

The site is part of a large farm which promotes bio diversity and conservation. There is plenty of walking routes, salt marshes for bird watching and a sandy beach within walking distance.

Our Pitch

We arrived at the campsite after negotiating some narrow Norfolk roads. We soon filled up with water and we were shown to a pitch. The site is quite busy for March but then I suppose everyone is gagging to get out of the house after covid 🦠 lockdown.

We were soon set up and we had lunch while sitting outside in the sun. We decided to go for a walk so we headed for the salt flats and the coastal path. The path has been completely resurfaced since we were last here so walking was easy and mud less.

The Salt Marsh

We stopped at a seat to see which had weathered the best over the last two years, Sue or the Seat. Sue won that one. We continued on until the Yacht club. It was past 14.00 so we headed inland to the road to head home.

The Seat

I had a great idea that because it was so warm and Sunny we should stop at The Jolly Sailors and have drink in the garden. It was a great idea and quite a few others had the same thought. Later in the week we are coming back for Brancaster Mussels but for now a pint and a wine has done the trick.

The Jolly Sailor

We left the pub and made our way home, stopping to look into the various shops at the campsite, then it was back to Iona and we sat out in the sun until it got a bit chilly. I tested a bottle of Equinox beer and it went down very nicely while sitting in the sun listening to the local wildlife.

Day 2:

The forecast is dry until lunchtime then rain for the rest of the day. Our plan was a walk to the common this morning and lunch at the pub.

Barrow Common

We set off for Barrow common and once we reached the common we followed the paths walking aimlessly for a good hour. We found the old radar site and took some pictures of the coast before we set off back down into the village by another route.

This took us directly to the Jolly Sailors pub, we were going to sit outside but in the end decided on a bench under cover. We ordered Mussels and a bowl of french fries and some drink.

The mussels were brilliant and well worth ordering. A couple from the campsite came in and sat near us and said hello, but I don’t think they recognised us as they were too engrossed in their two dogs.

The rest of the afternoon was spent back at Iona where we had a coffee and Sue read her book and I considered a quick knapp.

The day was finished off with a couple of burgers each and then we watched the TV until we finished the evening off with a Jim Beam before turning in for the night.

Day 3:

After hours of rain yesterday afternoon and evening it looked a better day, the Sun ☀️ is out with a few clouds. Today we walk to the beach along the coastal path.

Brancaster beach
The Golf Course

The walk to the beach took us an hour and then we walked along the beach to the hidden beach huts where we sat and had our lunch.

After a rest and lunch we headed back towards home along the coastal path.

On the way home we came across an area of fresh water, too big to be a puddle but too small to be a pond. This pool of water was full of toads both mating and spawning. We think there were about 30 and as we continued our journey we came across more that were heading for the pool.

We reached the sailing club harbour and called in at The Crab 🦀 Shack where we bought some dressed crabs for us and for Jenny. We walked the last bit home along the road and called in at the Nisa shop within the garage to get some brown bread. At last we were home after 7.5 miles of our quick trip to the beach.

We did sit outside the van for a little while but the cold wind soon had us heading inside for a cup of tea and a Hot Cross bun.

Tea tonight was stuffed chicken breast with Mediterranean rice and sweet potato fries accompanied with a glass of the red stuff 🍷. We have had a very good three nights here and we will no doubt be back as long as we don’t have to walk the 7.5 mile round trip to the beach.

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