More pre trip Checks

Iona 🚍 has been washed 🧽🪣 and a lot of the items in the lockers were removed ready for the habitation service p.

Habitation service day came on a 🌥 9°C: bright morning but no frost. The water system was filled ready for the service in Saxilby. We were collected from the unit by Carol & Gary and then taken to a local pub for lunch.

Well the hab service went 50/50. No major problems but possible problems starting with two windows and a skylight. A couple of medium damp readings at one corner on each window.

Not a difficult fix for me to do myself but I just need a decent day without rain. I hope I can get the old mastic off without too much trouble.

The real issue was the skylight, seals look good so we now need to find out why the damp readings are higher for no apparent reason. I have prepped the two windows so when sealant arrives and the dry weather returns will get that job done. Gaffer tape is the seal for now.

The windows were sealed one morning to take advantage of the sun, then they had a few hours to cure before the latest storm , storm Dudley, is due to arrive soon.

The inside of Iona has been thoroughly cleaned by Sue, so it is all ready for packing with food and clothes. Our first trip is next month, hopefully the storms will have blown themselves out and the flood water should have receded.

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