Iona goes back to Rutland

Trip 4: 21 Aug 2020. 💨🌥 Windy, Rain☔️ & 😎 intervals

Lyndon Top, Rutland Water.

Getting all packed for Lyndon Top.
The drive down was uneventful, the A1 was not very busy, there were a few lorries overtaking us but nearly all flashed a thank you to us. 

When we arrived at Lyndon the first field was very busy. The new barrier system allowed us to enter a code and drive straight in without having to see a warden. As we left the barriers and entered the main field to our relief it was not very busy with plenty of room. We filled up with water and found a pitch in about the same are as we normally go.

Trying to make sure we did not park exactly in front of the few campers already here. There were only about 15 on the main field. We chose what looked like a flat pitch but we still needed the ramps on 3 to get level. It was too windy to put up the Quest or the windbreak today. Tomorrow looks better and we should be able to get the windbreak up. Some of the caravans with awnings look a bit windswept with one having collapsed completely.

After lunch we went for a shortish circular walk, there are plenty of blackberries, 🍏 apples and Sloes, although the Sloes are not quite ready yet. We reached the visitor centre and prepared ourselves for the walk up the steep hill. We thought it would be difficult because we don’t feel as fit as we normally are at this time of year. However we both made it look relatively easy and I was not panting for breath.
Tonight we have a ploughman’s type tea. Hopefully the wind should have calmed and the rain stopped.

Day 2.

A mixed morning with sun and rain but again windy. We have been inside all morning.
The sun has come out and although there was a quick light shower we are back outside in the sun but using the van as a windbreak.

The warden has been around and got two vans that were parked across to turn their vans to point at the reservoir as all the signs say. 

A man from a little camper van behind us came over to ask about Iona and pointed out the warden had been around and also spoken to the VW gathering at the back who were playing music last night. The one time we were not on neighbourhood watch and we missed the excitement.
17.45 Beer o’clock, a bit of sun but windy. Tea tonight was going to be a bbq but it was so windy that Sue cooked inside. The plan was to sit out after tea but the it was quite overcast and windy so we stayed inside.

Normally this is quiz night at the Rustic Arms, so we were thinking of having a quiz night in Iona.We had a few quizs to keep us on our toes.

Day 3:⛅️✨💨19.0°C Cloudy, Sunny Intervals
Campsite : Lyndon Top
Not so windy today a few clouds about. Rich and Liz may call in on the way home. Sat outside out of the wind and had a cuppa. Fairly warm after all. Sue cooked us bacon sandwiches for brunch before Rich and Liz arrived because they didn’t want to eat.

Richard and Liz called in on their way home, they stayed about half an hour for a cup of coffee and a chat.
The wind has dropped but it is still cloudy. Not much to do today apart from people watch as they pack up to leave.

Trip 4: 69.5 miles, 24.8 mpg, 36 mph, 1h 53m.

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