Iona goes to the Norfolk Coast

Trip 1. Deepdale Backpackers Park, Brancaster.

Brancaster Staithe & Burnham Deepdale, North Norfolk Coast, England
Brancaster Staithe & Burnham Deepdale, North Norfolk Coast, England
There is a storm rolling in that will have very high winds and it looks like we will still catch the end of it as we drive to Norfolk.
We left home at 10.30am and headed towards Kings Lynn and then turned left towards Cromer on the North Norfolk coast before turning to the coast and Brancaster Staithe. The drive was very bumpy with a strong side wind as we crossed the fens. Oncoming lorries tried to drag us towards them and the the wind tried to blow us in the dykes.

Once past Kings Lynn and into North Norfolk we were shielded from the strong winds by trees and high hedges.

Our campsite for the next few days is the Deepdale Backpackers campsite. Here there are pitches for Caravans and Motorhomes as well as a field for Tents. The site also has a dormitory style lodge for backpackers and school field trips, with a communal kitchen and common room.


We had booked a standard pitch with electric because the sun is very low at this time of year and the solar panel is limited to the power it produces.

We have the same pitch as last year and we faced into the wind which was slightly uphill but it made the van perfectly level. The sun is out but the winds are in the high 40mph and will be here all night according to the BBC.
After lunch we went for a short walk to the harbour. There were a few others walking the coastal path but it was cold.

We stopped off at a bench for a rest and to adjust an uncomfortable sock. We continued onto the harbour where this year there were a couple of extra boats, but apart from three fishermen it was deserted.

The wind is bitterly cold with a high windchill factor and then on our way back it started to rain but thankfully it was only a shower. The sun returned as we made our way home.

We awoke to a bright sunny morning, although the wind is still very strong. This morning we are going to walk to the beach and take a packed lunch. Sue bought some insulated travel mugs, so they will be tested with Tea and Coffee to see if they stay hot for the 5 hours it says on the box.

We set off at 11.00am and walked along the main road until we reached the road down to the Yacht Club. Here we joined the coastal path that is made of a wooden walkway which is much easier than the muddy path from the yacht club to the campsite.
We passed a few walkers as we made our way to the road that led to the Golfcourse and beach.

We passed the Roman Camp and continued to the road where the footpath continues on the flood bank to the beach carpark.
The wind is still strong but we reached the beach without getting too cold. One of the gates to the golfcourse is a memorial to all the club members that lost their lives during both world wars.36DC40CA-DB10-4B66-B302-A7AC7C2D87EE_1_201_a
We followed the beach for about a mile and then headed up into the dunes, looking for somewhere to eat lunch. At the top of the dunes we could see some beach huts on the golf course side of the dunes and this where we sat down to eat our sandwiches and have a hot drink.
After our lunch break we headed back along the beach but this time we were walking into the wind which made it hard work.We followed the same route home and made a detour into the Nisa store to get some paracetamol, so I also grabbed a bottle of beer from a local brewery.
By the time we got back to Iona our legs were beginning to ache from the walk. We had covered 8.5 miles or 15000 steps if you have a Fitbit.

Day 3:
The wind was rattling the roof vents with a vengeance and there were some really heavy showers.This was before 6.00am and continued for a couple of hours until we got up. The forecast today is light rain showers and a gentle breeze. This morning the rain never came but we spent the time in the van reading.

We had decided to have lunch at a pub so we made our way to The Jolly Sailors which is about a fifteen minute walk from the campsite. We got a drink and sat down to look at the menu but we had already decided to go for Brancaster Mussels.

They duly arrived in the individual pans that they were cooked in, with a lid that could be used for the discarded shells. The mussels were accompanied with bread and we also had a portion of chips between us.After the mussels we were bloated and could not manage a sweet although I tried a half pint of a different beer to finish off with.

We started our walk back but called in at a fish shop where we bought some dressed crabs. unfortunately they were not very big but it was all they had. There were cooked Lobsters but they were £35 each.

Back at Iona there were the standard jobs to do and then we spent the afternoon reading, still too full to do anything strenuous.

Trip 1: 157 miles, 4hr.16m travel,27.1mpg, 36mph

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