Getting Ready for 2020

Iona gets ready for 2020

31 January 2020

We used the motorhome over Christmas as an extra bedroom. This year she is three years old and so needs an MOT.

The MOT was completed in Grantham, and she passed.

Next job was the habitation service which did not go so well. Richard found damp readings around a bedroom window and the rear locker doors.

The damp readings around the rear lockers doors is hopefully from a flooding of the garage at our last camping trip in November. Hopefully it is this that has not dried out yet due to the cold wet December.

The damp around the window was checked and I found that the glue/sealant had come away from a corner and the water was running off the hinge and under the rubber surround, this is not normally an issue but there was not sealant stopping the ingress of water. The area around the window was cleaned and new sealant injected into the gaps and under the rubber surround. This should cure the problem. A heater was put next to the window to help dry any damp.

I have attempted to dry the area around the rear cupboard door. The damp readings have gone down so I am hoping this will continue to dry.

The road tax and the breakdown cover has been renewed so we are all ready for our first trip.

       Waiting for the better weather

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