Iona is at a Spa

fullsizeoutput_5dbTrip 16: Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.

This year there are more hard standing pitches but we are on a grass pitch near a hedge. We did have a pitch under a tree but I persuaded the warden to let us move to the pitch next door that was treeless. We have electric hook up so the solar panel can be in the shade but the TV aerial is uselesss under or beside treees. I soon tried the TV reception and at lunchtime it was good so fingers crossed that it stays that way tonight.
The pitch is a bit uneven and muddy. I cannot get the waste master under the outlet without propping it up on bricks. The front wheels are on a broken paving slab and I will put the carpet mats down when we leave to make sure we don’t get stuck.
We have just had a heavy shower but now the sun is out and it appears to be brightening up.
Tonight we had a Lidl Steak and Stilton pie, brocolli, french beans and mash with gravy. Far better than Asda Extra Special pies.
Day 2:
It rained heavily last night and the ground looks fairly wet this morning. The forecast shows a bit more rain then dull and overcast for the rest of the day.
We have booked tickets to watch The new Downton Abbey film at the Kinema in the Woods this afternoon. It is the first time we have been there so it will be interesting to see inside instead of just seeing the outside on our many walks.
Sue has found that she forgot to bring some tomato purée for the stew so she has walked into Woodhall. I volunteered to stay in Iona and hoover up. The rain has stopped and the sun has come out.
We went to the Kinema in the woods to watch Downton Abbey. Even at my age I was one one the younger ones there. We listened to two ladies behind us discussing when to put the heating on and how long for, then the Pearl & Dean adverts came on, now I remember why we never got to the flicks on time, however the generation behind found the adverts amusing. After half an hour of cheesey adverts I was ready to go home but then the curtains went up again and the main film started.
The film was a bit slow to start but by the interval I was enjoying it. Why is it old people all need the loo at the same time and the queue for drinks etc was 50 people long. The film started again and it was worth seeing. Sue fancied an ice cream but the kiosk was closed, I suggested a walk into town on the way home but we gave it a miss until tomorrow.
I managed to get a picture of a rainbow over the campsite.
Day 3:
Raining again. We stayed in the motorhome this morning waiting for our friend carol to arrive. After a catch up with Carol we had a bite to each and then we walked into Woodhall Spa to look for a desert to go with supper. We were out of luck today there was very little choice in the coop and the Budgens is nearly empty before refitting and a change to Sainsbury’s.
Sue cooked supper and was just dishing up when Gary arrived, Carol was about drunk by now and so the evening went on. A great night.
Day 4:
A sunny morning but rain is forecast for the rest of the day. We were joined by our son James, he must have smelled the sausage sandwiches.
We were confined to the van due to rain. Carol is in charge of supper so we will soon go next door for Lasagne.
Sunday morning we were all feeling a bit worse for wear after a very funny and boozy night. I had trouble getting the van moved because it was so wet and muddy.
Trip 15: 52.6 miles, 25.1 mpg, 28 mph, 2 hrs travel.

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