Iona goes to a Revival

Trip 15: Goodwood, W Sussex. September 11th 2019
Day 1: The Stopover @ The Dairy, Thame. 136.5 miles, 27.1 mpg, 44 mph, 3hr 6m
We were given tickets to the Goodwood Revival in West Sussex as a Christmas present by our son, Richard. Goodwood is about 190 miles from home (3.5-4 hrs) so I decided to break the journey and stop about halfway near Oxford. We found a campsite at Thame just off the M42, so I booked it in advance. The Dairy Campsite is an independant site with all weather pitches, I am not sure what that means but it has Electric hook up.
Day2: To Goodwood. 87.3 miles, 27.4 mpg, 34 mph, 2 hr 31m
We set off for Goodwood where we have a campsite pitch with electric for the three day Goodwood Revival festival. We stay here for 4 nights and leave on Monday. I am not sure yet if we will travel straight home or break the journety halfway as we did on the way down.
It only took us nearly three hours to get here, the last part along country A roads that were quite narrow in places. The route also took us through a 1.25 mile tunnel under the South Downs.
We were a bit worried about getting to the campsite before it opened but we need not have worried, there were plenty of people already there and we virtually drove straight in.
There are huge RV trailers parked in rows for the likes of James Martin and Rowan Atkinson and other wealthy people. The pitches that Joe public are on are 9m x 7m but there is no gap between them and we are only about three feet from the next door Caravan.
We are waiting for another van to pitch next to us, it will be cosy then, but we will only be here some of the time. We have a big group in front of us who have erected a big twin gazebo, they also have a full size fridge for their beer. It could be quite entertaining.
We went for a walk around the site. The water tap is miles away and so is the Elsan but we will just have to plan it.


We have already seen a Mustang and a Spitfire fly over the campsite and then land. Looking forward to tomorrow.
This evening we had our own air display by a Spitfire. We were going to walk to ‘Over the Road’ but we are saving that for tomorrow. Tea is home made Moussaka.
Day 3: Friday Practice day
We started early, waking at 5am. The circuit is 100yds over a hedge and they were still building it in the morning.
At about 9am we walked down the campsite to the entrance road and there were two Willy’s jeeps parked by the gate. A man asked us if we wanted to walk or he would give us a lift to the main entrance. So we got a lift in an army jeep to the main entrance. What a great start.
The place was busy and there was lots to see so we just walked about by the main stand where there were food outlets of different sorts. We wandered upto the main start line stand where we could stand on the bank and watch the practice for one of the races, Aston Martin db4s dominated the entry.
We found the tunnel under the track to the infield where we could walk around the Aircraft display, and then the paddocks where I took some more pictures.
We moved on out of the infield and walked to Madgwick Corner and sat on the bank to watch the practice for several different races. Sue bought some chips which I helped her eat.
From here we walked back to the main area and looked around a few exhibits before crossing to the ‘Over the Road’ part of the event which must have been more the 5 acres of trade stands along with a huge variety of food and drink outlets.
After walking for miles up and down the rows of tents we went for a drink. Sue decided that at £8 for a gin that she would stick to water. I went for a lager and accidentally chose the most expensive at £6.50 a pint. We won’t be going back especially when all the venders prefer card to cash.
We crossed back over the bridge where I took a picture of the ‘Over the Road’ from the top and we made our way back home. 16000 steps and we were ready for a sit down.
Tea tonight was curry which finished of the great day.
Day 4: Saturday
We slept until 7 am today. Then it was dress up time and we left at about 10am for the circuit. Today we went to the first gate and walked anti clockwise around the circuit but by the time we got to Lavant Corner it was clear that you had to get here early with a chair.
By now my hip was hurting so we caught a tractor bus to Madgwick corner and there we stayed all day. There is a big screen so you can watch the cars around the circuit as well as on the track in front of us. Ofcourse that all depends on people standing in your line of view, mainly French but also some English knobs.
There was an accident further around the circuit which meant a parade of army vehicles to to the track and there were a lot of them, from motorbikes to a transporter with a Sherman tank on the back. These held our attention until the barriers were rebuilt and racing started again.
We watched two more races and the called it a day as we headed back to camp. My back was a bit fragile and sore.
Sue cooked some salt beef with a sauce accompanied by chips.


Day 5: Sunday
A disastrous start. I have trapped a nerve in my back and I am struggling to walk. This is the day that the 4ltr Bentleys race, the one I have been looking forward to but I doubt if I would make it to the circuit let alone the banking that we have used to view the racing.
I think it is on TV but the tv will not tune into a lot of channels. Success there was an hour on the TV including the Goodwood Trophy race.
The day has been spent resting and listening to radio Goodwood.
BBQ tonight, burgers and bangers.
Day 6: Turnpike Farm, Biggleswade. 120.2 miles, 29.3 mpg, 35mph, 3hr 20m.
Monday sees us pack up and leave Goodwood after a great weekend. We head home but we have chosen to break the journey so we are stopping at Turnpike Farm , Biggleswade, for one night to relax before arriving home to all the tasks that come at the end of a trip.
I decided a different route home, but the sat nav said it was unsuitable, I carried on anyway. We came to the first village and I followed the sat nav which took us into the village and back to where we had entered. Single width roads are not recommended.
I headed back to the Goodwood campsite and followed the original route to the A3, M25 and the A1M. The next mistake was on reaching the campsite at Turnpike Farm, the sat nav said turn left and we ended up in the driveway of the farm house. I managed to turn around on their grass and took the next left into the farm.
The gates opened and we drove through and stopped, but there was no one about so we continued to the camping field and set up.
Day 7: homeward 77.2 miles, 25.4 mpg, 43 mph, 1hr 46m
Total trip. 421 miles, 27.4 mpg, 39 mph, 10hrs 43m

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