Iona goes Sailing

Trip 10: Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club, Bridlington.
We stopped at a local garage to fill up the auto-gas, then we headed north towards the Humber bridge and on to Bridlington. This will be our third visit to the Royal Yacht Club site but it is only 250 yards to the sea and beyond.


The Humber Bridge is always worth crossing.
The site was not very busy and we chose a spot on the edge of the site with a view of Bridlington and the Cliffs in the distance. A quick lunch and we headed for the beach about 300yds away.
Sue has told me this is one of her most favourite places at least six times. We walked along the shoreline through the waves. At one point we got cut off by the tide but we waded ashore through the 18″ of sea water to survive another day, but it just showed how easy it is to get cut off by the rising tide.
We walked to the Fraserburgh site and turned back to walk home. Once back at Iona we read our kindles until 5pm, by which time the tide was in and we could hear the waves crashing onto the beach about 200 yds away. Sue is in her dream place and she went off to look at the sea. She came back smiling and has not stopped, she even poured herself a drink to calm her excitement.
Tonight the ladies football semi final where the Lionesses play the USA. I have booked the TV until it is over, hopefully we make the World Cup Final.
Day 2:
Quite a quiet day, mainly spent around Iona but we did go for a walk along the beach. There were three men looking for lob worms, two of them had a sort of large bicycle pump to pull sand out of the beach, the third man had a spade.
While walking the beach we came across a large dead crab, I was told to leave it although it must have been worth about £15 at a shell food stall.
After tea we walked to the sand dunes . It was a great evening so we took some wine and glasses so we could have a drink while watching the tide go out.
Day 3:
Today we again spent most of the time at the van reading although in the afternoon we walked towards Bridlington where we go an ice cream on the way.
We reached the out skirts of Bridlington and turned around. We walked back home along the beach.
Tonight the Cadac was used for Lamb Steaks in parcels with grilled sweet corn and Courgettes along with David’s new Potatoes.
Day 4:
At 11.30am we decided it was time to walk into Bridlington. We took he path instead of the beach because it is easier. We headed into town to find a bank for some cash and then we were drawn to a fishmonger where we bought a couple of dressed crabs for our neighbour Jenny. I no know I should have bought a couple of full crabs as well which were priced quite well.
We then headed for the award winning fish and chip shop where Sue had fish and chips and I had a large sausage and chips. We ate them on some benches by the theatre.
Then the long walk home but we again avoided the beach and kept to the footpath. In late afternoon we went for a walk along the beach before retiring to the gazebo. Tea was sausage and burgers on the Cadac before we washed up and spent the early evening in the gazebo making the most of the weather before going home tomorrow.
It is forecast to rain this evening but we are leaving the gazebo up until the morning. It should dry before we pack it away.
Trip 10:
  1. 207 miles, 27.6 mpg, 35 mph, 5hr 48m travel.

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