Iona goes to the Avon

Trip 7: Evesham RFC with the Central Area BCC.
The drive down took us just under three hours with a stop to top up the auto gas.
We were soon set up although I had to ask our neighbour to move his vehicle so I could get the wind break up. He groaned a bit but he was a tugger.
After an hour to chill we walked along the river Avon and into the outskirts of Evesham. We found a pub. The Trumpet Inn had a crèche for husbands so their wives could go shopping without dragging hubby around the shops. We stopped for a drink just to test it out and I have to admit that I would not mind being left in the crèche.
Time for a pint

We walked back down to the ferry and along the river to home.

I found the old parapets of a railway bridge over the river Avon, so I climbed up to the old track bed to take some pictures.

The old Railway bridge


The sun is out so we are having a mixed tea. Some cooked inside and I have the sausages and sweet corn on the Cadac bbq.

Day 2:
We awoke to sunshine and spent the morning reading and sitting in the sun. After lunch we walked along the river, but today we carried on under the road bridge to the meadows, past the Evesham Rowing Club and onto Abbey Gardens.
Sue bought an ice Cream while I looked after a lady’s dog while she bought herself an ice cream. Sue and I walked on up to the old Abbey clock tower and into the church yard which has a church either side.
We came back out and followed the old Abbey wall to an Arch that once lead to the cloisters. The Abbey was built in 705AD and eventually destroyed after Henry VIII desolutioned The Monasteries. The monastery was taken down and the stone used for houses and in 1664 the land was purchased by the Rudge family who owned it until 2017 when the Rudge family transferred the freehold of the land to the Evesham Abbey Trust. The trust hope to restore and preserve the remains and create further gardens for the public to enjoy.
We looked at the war memorial and Sue noticed that a lady was listed in the 1940-45 section which is unusual. We continued our walk through the gardens and then headed back home along the river.
With the sun still out we are having another BBQ on the Cadac tonight. Burger, sausage and salad are on the menu.
Day 3:

Sat outside in the sunshine at 8.00am. By 10.30am it was baking with no wind to cool you down.we did all the normal blue and pink jobs. I went and sat by the river on a fishing peg and watched a Swan remake her nest.
After we had had lunch we made our way to the river, there was a man who had been there all day, he was taking pictures of Kingfishers and he showed us one of his pictures. The man had a camera with a huge lens and the Kingfisher looked as if it was next to him yet it was the other side of the river.
We walked along the river past and old railway bridge and under the existing bridge when we came across an old abandoned orchard, we think they were plums or damson trees but the were long past their prime.We continued to follow the path and eventually came to the road. Tesco’s was just a few yards away, so we went shopping for lemonade and tonic and I managed to get some Pear Cider for a change.
Once back at Iona we sat in the sun and read our books until it was time to start tea. Tonight Sue is cooking a Paella on the Cadac. The time is 6.0pm and the sun still has plenty of power. It is 25c in Iona.
Day 4:
Again the sun is shining but the weather changes this afternoon. This morning we are going to walk into town.
We walked to the ferry and then up into town. We came to the museum but we will save that for our next visit. We carried on up the high street which must be one of the widest in the country, however the main road is only two lanes and the traffic spends most of the time at a standstill.

The town Stocks
The Museum
As we walked around I spied a pasty shop so a quick detour and we bought a couple of pasties for lunch. We walked to the river and found a bench where we ate lunch, Sue also got herself an ice cream from a nearby kiosk in the park.
Once we were back at Iona it started to spit with rain, it did not last long but the sky became very cloudy and hid the sun for most of the afternoon.
The sun broke through the cloud for half an hour so we took the windbreak down and packed everything away. The dark skies returned and we lost the sun. Home tomorrow.
Trip 7: 211 miles, 29 mpg, 41 mph, 5 hr 6m.

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