Iona heads to the Cotswolds

Trip 6; Chipping Norton, May 7th 2019
First stop was at Bingham where there is an auto-gas garage that has just reopened after being demolished and rebuilt. There is more room to get the motorhome near the pump and we filled up and were soon on our way again. We eventually arrived at the Chipping Norton site at 13.00.
There was plenty of space and we were told to park anywhere. We opted to join a row up the middle of the site in full sun all day, just in case the sun stayed out for any length of time.
We had a lazy afternoon, the whole time spent reading although I admit we both fell asleep for about half an hour.
Tonight we are having a Chinese style curry to finish off the day. Tomorrow we go walking.
Day 2:
Today we were woken by heavy rain crashing on the roof, and it continued until 11.00am. We decided that we had to get out so fully kitted in waterproof trousers,jackets and shoes we walked to the roundabout on the main road.
Here we turned by the garage that I was hoping would be open but it is being redeveloped. We followed the road and turned onto the Saltway, a restricted by-way. This goes for miles but we settled for about a mile until it crossed another main road.
The path is bordered by ditches and trees and resembles a disused railway line. All along the route are badger sets dug into the Cotswold stone and great heaps a sand spill across the path. Many of the holes had signs of fresh bedding being dragged in, there were at least 6 separate sets along the track.
At the main road we crossed over where the path continued up a farm drive with a huge pheasant/ poultry rearing field. We turned towards Chipping Norton and followed the path into town, passing what appeared to be huge pheasant pens or they could have been for other game birds.
The OddFellows Hall
We soon reached the town and wandered around, there was a small market but nothing took our fancy so we walked back to a bakery and got some food that we ate on a bench by the old town hall.
The sun came out so Sue took off her waterproof overtrousers. After a quick walk around Beales department store we headed back to the campsite.
The Town Hall
We left the footpath and took a footpath through woods beside the main road and on leaving the wood we came across a garden centre. As it was beginning to rain we headed for shelter in a greenhouse and spent some time looking at the huge array of plants and shrubs.
We left the garden centre and continued back to the campsite, past the roundabout and car sales pitch. Once back at the site we had walked nearly 14,000 steps.our legs knew it as we are a bit out of practice.
The weather brightened a bit but we stayed inside and read our books. Tonight we are having steak so that will finish off a good day.
Day 3:
Sue is suffering with a painful back so this morning we are staying in Iona. The weather is dark and wet and we have just had a tremendous downpour.
Once the rain had stopped and the basic jobs completed it was around midday. Sue felt a bit rough but her back was less painful so we dressed for a walk to see if the fresh air would help.
We took a different walk out into the country,  taking a square route where the path came out near to the Aldi store. Unfortunately the item Sue wanted was not as good as she expected and so we actually left an Aldi without buying anything.

Bat Boxes and a Bird Box 
The weather was still a bit bleak so we headed back home along the same route. Once back at the campsite we had completed our 10,000 steps so it was not a wasted walk.
There is not many left on the site now, four units left this morning. The site shuts on Sunday so I expect people are going home a bit early due to the weather.
Tonight we are having ribs, fries and a salad.  I remembered to take a picture but on this trip there is a lack of pictures. We were here in Matilda two years ago.
Day 4:
Finally woke to mist and sunshine. The forecast is sunny intervals.Only a few campers  left now, 6 including the two stewards. The day was spent around the van with rain showers in the afternoon.
I showed the steward the TackLife jump start kit that I bought for the Motorhome and I think he is about to order one. It has charged two iPhones, 2 iPads and a Kindle and there is still charge left in it.
Tea tonight is Burgers Chips and salad. No picture tonight.
On our way home tomorrow after another good trip away.
Trip 6: 221 miles, 28.2 mpg, 39 mph, 5hr 38m travel.

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