Iona Goes back to Norfolk

Trip 2: Fakenham Racecourse.
Our second trip in 2019 takes us back to Norfolk and Fakenham. The Temporary Holiday site on Fakenham Racecourse is arranged by Bedfordshire BCC part of the Camping and Caravan Club.
We have been given a similar pitch to last year, away from the main traffic route in a quiet corner,  apart from the continual cawing of the Rooks in the Rookery, still it is better than yapping dogs.
After lunch we walked into town to find some large soup bowls in melamine, but we could only find china ones. We searched every bargain shop that we could find. Eventually we came across a pound shop where I bought some biscuits. One packet was cinnamon crisps which we opened as soon as we got back to Iona. We need to go back and buy some more they are that good.


Tonight we are having steak and chips for supper. The first day of our trip nearly over apart from planning tomorrow and deciding if we stay an extra night as the weather forecast is getting better towards the weekend.
Day 2:
Woken by the Rooks who have returned to their daytime roost in the wood in-front of our pitch.
The River Wensum
We set off towards the river for today’s walk. The ground was better than last year so when we got to the old railway bridge over the river we continued along the river, further on it was very muddy and we just got across without falling over.
We followed the path that took us in a circular route until we ended back at the railway bridge. We climbed upto the old trackbed and followed the improvised path along the old north-south track until we came to a fence and the path diverted around a field. We turned around and headed back the way we came.
Back at the bridge again there were some new signs, they mentioned the river Wensum as one of the longest chalk streams in Europe and it is one of the few left.
We continued along the trackbed towards Fakenham. The path eventually ended at an estate road, we tried to continue to follow it but the path way was blocked by a new housing development.
Forced to follow a road into the town centre we found an Aldi store for emergency supplies, we were soon back on a familiar route to the Racecourse. Once back at Iona we had walked a total of 6 miles.
The afternoon was spent in the motorhome. Supper tonight is a slow cooker Spanish stew.
Day 3.
Today is market day so we are going shopping. We have decided to stay another day so we need an extra meal. Yesterday we found an Aldi close to the town centre so after the Market it was on to Aldi for the main meal, which turns out to be Lamb Shanks.
There is a care home in the town, Woodspring House, they have had a tree cut down but left the trunk with a carving on the top of a Fox, a Hare and an Owl.
Instead of walking straight back to the Racecourse we did a detour along the river and then followed another path back to the campsite.
On the way Sue spotted a Muntjac deer motionless just inside the wood. I managed to get a couple of pictures but it was well camouflaged.
The afternoon was spent around the motorhome. I had a walk around the grandstands to get a better view of the course.
Tonight for supper we have a seafood chowder with fresh bread from the market.
Day 4.
Today Sue walked into town to look at the charity shops for some 1940s clothes for our three day trip to The Goodwood Revival later in the year.
I stayed at the campsite and got rid of the rubbish, I had a look around at the course and the grandstands and then back to Iona. I noticed something on the ground at the back of the motorhome, it turned out to be the rear numberplate which had come unstuck and fallen off. So an hour was spent cleaning off all the old glue that Camperuk had left on it. Then with some new numberplate tape it was stuck back on properly. I have ordered a fixing kit to screw it on once I get home but I am sure it is fixed securely now with just the tape.
I prepared some vegetables for tonight’s supper and by then Sue arrived back empty handed from visiting the charity shops but on the way home she did see the Muntjac again.
The sun is very warm so we spent the rest of the morning and the afternoon sat outside. It was strange to be wearing T shirts in February but we are not complaining.
Supper tonight is the Lamb shanks and veg with crunchy potato wedges.
Home tomorrow after another great Iona trip.
Trip 2: 153 miles, 27.1 mpg, 38 mph, 4 hours travel.

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