Preparing for the 2019 Motorhome Season

Happy New Year.

The new year has arrived. Iona is sitting on the drive waiting for the next trip. Our final trip of 2018 was using her as a bedroom on our son’s driveway while we spent a couple of nights with them over Christmas.

Halfway through January and withdrawal symptoms are beginning to develop. Our first trip is booked for next month but before we go we have a Habitation service, booked with Grantham Leisure, an engine service booked with Camper UK and the Road Tax has been paid for.

We are still waiting for the replacement rear skirt to arrive but we can still go away while we wait for Auto-Trail to send it to CamperUK.

Our first trip is to Norfolk, to a new to us venue. It is in walking distance to the beach, so the sea air should wake us up. Our report will posted on the blog as soon as we get back.

Until then……….

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