Iona goes to a Spa

Trip 17: Jubilee Park, Woodhall Spa.

We missed the start of the season visit because the ground was waterlogged and all bookings were cancelled. We managed to book this trip before the park closes for the winter. Unfortunately the swimming pool has already closed, last year we were a week earlier and the pool was still open.

They have spent some time and money this year putting in hard standing pitches and hedges. We went for a standard grass pitch which is not under trees.

On the way out of the park an old tree has been turned into a sculpture.

We went for a walk to the Kinema in the Woods to check the films and times. Instead of heading back to town we found a circular route that went through the woods near the golf course.

This lead us to the main road which we followed back into town passing The Golf Hotel and Spa and a little further on the England Golf Centre.

The Golf Hotel

Once in town we stopped for a cup of tea and some cake before heading home. The wind is still blowing and Iona was being buffeted by it with the odd acorn hitting the roof.

Day 2:

There is another sculpture board near the swimming pool which will become part of the sensory garden.

We walked into town for some bread for tonight’s tea. I then led Sue off on a walk towards the river Witham. It is somewhere we have not been before so we were surprised to see a Woodhall Spa sign with a train on it.

A little bit further we came across the Railway Inn, still confused we walked to the bridge over the river Witham where we could see what looked like an old station. Intrigued we walked to it and found that it was Woodhall Junction that was in service until the mid 1960’s.

The line was used in the war to move troops from the surrounding area to the main lines that would take them to the south cost. It is now in private hands but retains many of the original features including the two platforms.

Woodhall Junction

We left the railway and headed back to Mill Lane that would take us back to the campsite via Green Lane that runs at the back of Jubilee Park. On the way we passed an old Methodist chapel that was in very poor condition but it still had the name stone, Primitive Methodist Chapel, 1834.

Day 3:

On our way out today I noticed these grapes near the tennis club.

Grape Vines by the Tennis Courts

We went on a new walk today along part of the Viking Way. This crosses the golf courses at Woodhall and leads to some single track roads. We left the wood and the Viking Way and headed back on a circular route.

We found a monument in a field beside a wood, being nosey we got into the field and made our way to the monument. It was dedicated to Wellington and the battle of Waterloo and erected by Col.Richard Elmhurst in 1844 . The plaque explained that after the battle, acorns were collected as the soldiers rested under oak trees. The acorns were then planted to make a wood as a monument to the battle victory. The wood is called Waterloo Wood.

The Wellington monument

We continued along the road and diverted into Woodhall Country Park camping site, just to be nosey, then we made our way along the familiar Green Lane to Jubilee Park.

Day 4:

We only went for a short walk today around the Petwood Hotel grounds. Not much has changed but they are working on the rose garden and trimming some of the overhanging trees.

We did find a memorial in the wood, dedicated to a pilot, flight lieutenant John Sanders, DFC & Bar , unfortunately some scumbag had removed the airforce crest from it.

Trip 17: 53.5 miles, 27.1 mpg, 28 mph, 1hr 51m

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