Iona is now Charging

A twin 2.1amp USB charging point fitted.

Auto-Trails, well our Imala,  has no way to charge iPads and phones without the engine running unless you buy a cigarette lighter extension with USB ports to plug into the TV 12v socket.  I did this and found that you can only charge one iPad and a phone at once.

This is because the USBs are 2.1amp and 1amp. With iPads you need 2.1amp.

I took the plunge and decided to add a dedicated 2 x 2.1amp USB socket in the cupboard next to the Sargent power and fuse unit. I rang Sargent and they confirmed which wires to tap into. My biggest issue was that the Earth wires were much thicker than the normal 12v power cables so new Scotchloc wire connecters were ordered.

fullsizeoutput_334While I waited for the Scotchloc I cut a hole and fitted the USB socket and took the opportunity to secure the wooden section that holds the USB and the solar panel charging switch. Auto-Trail had just slid it in and not attached it.

I have a multi meter so I tested the wires before connecting them just to make sure everything was correct, and it was.

So after splicing into two wires and connecting to the USB socket for a final check, the wires were taped to the loom and tidied up, then everything was rebuilt.

fullsizeoutput_335The socket becomes ‘live’ when the habitation power is switched on and because the power lead is part of the 12v circuit from the sargent unit it is also fused. The socket has got a red LED which may become annoying but if it does I will fit an isolater switch so it can be turned off independently from the main switch.




I have now added a switch to turn the socket off when not in use.



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