Back to School in Norfolk

Trip 13: We are off to see the Sea
We have been to two schools and one Sports club in Norfolk, Heacham Sports Club, and schools in Cromer and Wells Next to Sea. This year we are going to Sheringham High School for a change. The school is a bit further away from the coast but we like a walk. The weather forecast is mixed so we have packed for all scenarios.
We found the school site fairly easily although I knew where we were going once we turned off the A148. We are on a playing field that has a little slope. The Steward was very helpful and we were soon filled with water and we chose a pitch, at little uneven but once the ramps were in place we were nearly level.
We put the gazebo up and had a sandwich. Tribute man came around to admire the gazebo but I was busy finishing another job so he left us to get finished. The wind was coming off the sea and straight into the gazebo so we put the windbreak up, just as the wind dropped, still we are prepared.
Sue decided that we should go for a short walk so the day was not wasted. We set off but her short walk ended with us walking along the prom towards Cromer. Luckily I managed to divert her attention and turned her back to Sheringham.
The Crown pub had live entertainment outside.
We passed a pub with a guy singing to various sound tracks, he was good but not that good so we carried on and then, out of the blue Sue suggested we stop at the Two LifeBoats Pub and have a beer. Sue had a Rose wine and I had a Lifeboat Ale. We sat outside and people watched. I must admit That I was tempted to have another pint but we had suppressed our thirst and set off for home. A good start to our break.
Sue cooked a pasta dish for tea and we sat outside in the gazebo until 10pm.
Day 2.
We had a good lie-in until 9am and we finally emerged at about 10am. We spent the morning around Iona, mainly reading. It was a lot cloudier today but by 11.45am the clouds were beginning to thin with the sun making more of an appearance.
The inshore Lifeboat station.
After lunch we walked into Sheringham, today we went a different way and ended near to the west end of the prom near the Inshore Lifeboat station. We walked along the prom towards the town and visited the old lifeboat shed that is now a museum to the original lifeboat that had a crew of 18 and was rowed out to sea before the sail was unfurled.
After the museum we ended up by the pub with live music. Today the Busketeers were playing all sorts of music but Sue and I agreed that country type songs were their best, I nearly converted Sue to country music.
The Red Arrows were a long way away.
The band announced that they would stop at about 4pm because The Red Arrows were performing at Cromer Carnival which is 3 or 4 miles along the coast. We stayed for the whole display and then made our way back home. Tonight it is my turn to cook tea, a standard bar-b-que menu tonight.
Looking around the campsite we saw the Stewards from the THS at Stratford that we attended, and they also had their father join them. Behind us is a man in a trailer tent who we saw at York THS, today he is working on something in his awning. I was itching to go and ask him what he is making.
On the way to dump some washing up water in the hedge the man in the trailer temp said hello and I told him we had seen him working in his awning at York. On  my way back he said that he was not working but model making, so I went over to hear more. It turned out that he made very detailed models of real building in ’N’ gauge scale for model railways. He explained how he did it and showed me the whole process from taking a picture of a building, research and finally building it.
Day 3;
We woke to rain and wind but we had seen the forecast so it was not a great surprise. A few people are leaving today but not us. The rain persisted until just after lunch but it was still cold so we moved back into Iona. Sue was getting restless so she went for a walk into town to look around the shops. I stayed on the campsite and did the blue jobs now the rain had stopped.
Day 4:
War memorial and garden
The sunshine has returned so we will go for a walk later, this time along the cliff path. We saw the North Norfolk train go by next to the golf course. The walk along the cliff path was really enjoyable, we stopped at the Coast Watch station and I had a chat with the guy on watch. I was interested in a boat that had been moored out at sea for a few days. Apparently it is a wind farm support vessel and when they don’t have a job they drop anchor just off the coast which is free at the same time they can get a TV signal.
The North Norfolk Steam Railway
The cliff top golf course
We carried on along the cliffs which eventually dipped down so we could get on the beach. The tide was going out so we made a choice to walk back along the beach. It didn’t take long but it was hard going on the pebbles. Sue tripped and lost her glasses which we did find after a search. Once back in town we called at the Shell Gallery that was created by an actor , Peter Coke, as a hobby. Sue got caught by the man behind the desk who started to explain the gallery.
When Sue got free we decided to get some refreshment. The Two Lifeboats pub was full outside so we headed for the Crown near the museum. I suggested we have a look at the museum first but it was basically an RNLI museum at £4 per person, We gave it a miss and spent the money on a drink at the Crown pub next door.
My turn to cook tea tonight so the Cadac came out for chicken, sausage and burgers.
Homeward bound tomorrow.
Trip 13: 191 miles, 27.9 mpg, 34 mph, 5hr 32m

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