Iona finds an Oasis

Trip 17: Oasis Lakes, North Somercotes, Lincs.

This is probably our last trip this year although we did have a trip in November last year.

We arrived at the site which consists of a reception area with the toilets and showers. It was looking out onto two of the three lakes.

The camping pitches were at the far end of the site in an area of their own and backing onto the pine forest. We were allocated pitch 1 although Jo said we could change if we wanted to.

We were soon set up and the sun was warming the van. We had lunch and then decided to go for a walk in the forest. Unfortunately it is not very big and there is no footpath out towards the sea. We were confined to the wood but there were plenty of paths to follow. We were out nearly an hour before we returned home.

Tomorrow we will head for Donna Nook where the sea colony is although we may be a bit early to see many pups.

Tonight for tea we had a Steak dinner with veg and fondant potatoes. Sue bought a huge rib eye steak seasoned with a bar be que dressing.

Day 2:

The plan today was to walk to Donna Nook and have a look at the seals. We found a bridle way and we followed it as it zig zagged behind houses.

We met a lady walking her dog and she pointed out a footpath that avoided walking along the road although after a mile the footpath finished and we had to walk along a single track road towards the coast.

Eventually we made it to the dunes and the coast path which in November would take you to within a metre of seal pups. Unfortunately we are about two weeks too early. There have been six pups born but they are not in view from the fence line.

The wardens had a telescope trained on the seals but they were about half a mile away on the tide line, so we did see some after all.

The red range flags were out so we hoped to see some jets shoot at the targets. We were out of luck although an American V22 Osprey did two runs and fired at the targets from the back door as they flew past.

V22 Osprey

We sat and watched for a while and then headed along the path to leave the dunes and start the walk home. The road section was 1 mile long and looks daunting for our tired legs.

We were then back on the footpath along field edges and eventually back at the start of the village. I suggested that we go to the village but we wanted somewhere to walk tomorrow so we headed straight back to the campsite.

The afternoon was spent reading and then for tea we had Cornish pasty, chips and mushy peas. We know how to eat when camping.

Day 3:

A disappointing start to the day. We had constant rain from about 6.00am. We were going to walk to the village and have lunch at the pub but it was still raining at 12.00am so we had lunch in the motorhome.

The rain stopped and we walked into the village to get a loaf of bread but before that we headed for the Axe & Cleaver pub for a drink. It is a very friendly pub with an outdoor area some of which is covered. It would be good in the summer but it was just not warm enough to sit outside on this visit.

After a drink we walked back and called in at the convenience store for a loaf of bread and continued home.

We stopped at an information board which commemorated the Queens Golden Jubilee and it had a map of walks around the village. I took a picture for the next time we stay here.

Tea tonight is Katsu curry.

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