From Cobbles to Coast with Iona

Trip 5: Sandy Gulls Campsite, Mundlesey, Norfolk

From the Cobble street of Bedale to the sandy north Norfolk coast.

The cliffs are popular with flyers

We got to the campsite and while filling up with water we were joined by the campsite warden, Christine. She took us through all the info and told us where everything was. We even got a Sandy Gulls Jubilee mug. We headed for our grass pitch.

The campsite is right on the cliff edge and we made our way to our pitch which was not very level. After several attempts to use the ramps we gave up. The grass had just been mown and even using plastic mats we just got wheelspin.

A phone call to the warden and they allocated us a hardstanding pitch that just needed front ramps and we were soon level. Christine, the warden, came around to make sure we were ok.

We got settled in and had our sandwiches. I tried to set up the TV but there is no signal so TV tonight will be on our iPads. We went for a walk along the cliff path and watched a paraglider go up and down the cliffs using the wind to keep airborne.

We turned around and walked back past the campsite and found the road that went down to the beach.

The sea was on the turn and the waves were crashing into the breakwater. Another paraglider came by and we saw another winged hang glider.

The site is filling up and two other auto-trail owners have made themselves known via the Facebook page. I think they had seen my FB post about the campsite.

Day 2:

The wind is not very strong today.

The sun is out this morning so we are planning to walk to Mundesley via the beach. The high tide is around 16.15 this afternoon so we have plenty of time.

We walked to Mundesley. In places the cliffs had eroded quite badly and a couple of properties looked very near the edge.

The cliffs being eroded

There were a couple of paragliders again today but the wind was not very strong and they both landed on the beach.

We eventually came to the seafront which consisted mainly of beach huts. The cafe was closed but there were a few people actually sitting on the beach. We climbed the steps up to the village.

At the top of the steps there is a Coast Guard Lookout tower and a village green with a memorial to the Bomb Disposal teams that cleared the beaches of mines at the end of the Second World War.

Memorial to the Bomb Disposal Soldiers

We walked back along the road to the campsite because it was easier than the beach. We passed a Methodist church which looked very grand and in use. We see a lot of these churches on our travels but this is the first one we have seen in use. Normally they have been converted to domestic dwellings.

We continued our walk and on the edge of the village was a classic example of a Norfolk Church , built using the local flint.

The village church.

Once we got back to Iona it was lunch time. Sandwich for me and Sue’s yoghurt and fruit concoction. The afternoon was chill time reading.

Then it was tea and watching some TV on the iPad because we cannot get a signal for the TV.

Day 3:

Today it is windy and overcast so we are staying around the campsite this morning. After lunch we plan to walk into the village because tonight is Fish & Chips for tea.

The paragliders are back although the wind is only just strong enough along the cliffs. One went towards Mundesley and turned around and landed. Later another set off towards the village but sank below the cliffs and landed on the beach. We saw him about 2 hours later carrying his kit back to his car.

Mundesley Beach

Tonight we walked, well I limped into Mundesley to get some Fish & Chips for tea. We stopped off at the park to look down on the beach.

The Coast Watch tower

There is a coast watch tower that is manned by volunteers during the day. Next to this are some information boards showing the Mundesley Mammoth 🦣, explaining how big it was with a replica of the femur bone that was found in 1800s.

We moved onto the Ship Inn which has a Fish & Chip shop called The Catch. While Sue waited for our order to be cooked I went into the bar and got us some drinks. We then moved to the garden over looking the beach. All that was missing was the sun ☀️. It was pretty cold sitting outside with a cold wind off the sea but we persevered, the Fish & Chips made up for it.

On the way home we came across a floral display in The Blue Boat which was in memory of a local gentleman and his grandad who went fishing together.

Our last night here before we set off home tomorrow. I should think we will be back again although I will make sure we have a TV aerial cable, watching TV on the iPad is OK but not something to make a habit of.

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