Iona gets repaired

Truma Boiler Repair at Saxilby by ACTS

The good news is that Truma were able to supply me with the parts to repair the boiler and ACTS had booked us in at their Saxilby unit to do the repair.

The route to Saxilby had to change because there had been an accident on the A15 and Pelham bridge in Lincoln was still closed for repair.

The route today is along the A17 to Winthorpe and then up the A46 to Saxilby. It saved going through Lincoln city centre.

I was not sure of the protocols now the pandemic rules have changed but I was stuck in Saxilby until the repair had been done. I hoped I could just watch videos in the van but I forgot to take my iPad and I could not be in the van when they mended the boiler.

I walked around Saxilby and along the river, I tried to see an old friend twice but he was out when I called. I walked 6 miles in total no wonder my foot is now giving me some grief.

After a couple of hours I got a phone call to say the boiler was fixed and it was now working. By the time I got back to the workshop the boiler had shut down with the water at max temperature.

The problem was the valve but they also found a lacewing in the boiler which could have affected the gas flow. Let us hope it was the valves and the lacewing was a by product, otherwise it was an expensive bug even before the labour charges.

Hopefully we can now have a quick three day break before we go to Bridlington in a couple of weeks time.

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