Iona goes back to School

Trip 5: Glebe House School,Hunstanton, July 13th 2021.

We headed back to Norfolk and Hunstanton. We were here two years ago and really liked the town and seafront although we started by going to the wrong campsite. this time I knew where to go so we did not make any unplanned detours.

We arrived just after midday. Unfortunately we drove through the best weather and we have driven into cloudy windy Norfolk. The site is nearly full so I am glad we booked.

After building the campsite with a windbreak etc , I tested the TV signal because at home I could not get any channels on the new booster. I need not have worried because it found over 96 channels. We had lunch and I just wanted a nap but Sue was eager to go for a walk.

We asked to the sea front where we stopped and watched the wind surfers, then down onto the beach.

Sue found a jellyfish.

We followed the cliffs until they came down to beach level and then made our way up the path to the carpark and golf course.

We walked back along the Wolf trail on the cliff tops. The sun came out briefly but it remains overcast with a breeze but it is still warm.

Drink time back at Iona.

Day 2:

The weather was overcast this morning and very windy. The boiler is playing up big time. We managed to get some hot water before the error message kicked in. I tried it again later but it failed twice, I then tried it again on boost which seemed to work. It is definitely the gas valve because you can hear it struggling to maintain a constant burn, and the ignition can be heard clicking. As long as we can get hot water to wash up with we will manage.

We sat on the sea defences and people watched. One was a board type surfer with a sale he held, it look hard work compared to the kite boarders. We then headed back the way we had come, Sue was going to have an ice cream but she felt that she had not walked far enough to burn off that many calories.

We stayed in the van until after lunch when we went for a walk, today we headed towards the town. We walked down to the seafront and then headed towards town. We had thought about a beer at the hotel but it was a bit early so we continued along the South Promenade and past all the amusements, ice cream and burger joints until there was just beach.

We got back to Iona and the sun was out so the rest of the afternoon was spent reading outside until it was time to cook. Sue cooked a stir fry in the cadac while I boiled the noodles in the van. The water heater boiler played up but I did get it to eventually heat the water before it threw the error message at us.

After washing up we sat outside in the late sun with a glass of the red stuff.

Day 3:

The truma boiler has about given up after three attempts, we have a bit of hot water but that will be it until we need hot water this evening.

Today is cloudy will the hint of the sun showing it’s face. We are going for fish and chips tonight so we will probably stay around Iona today or we may just wander about town.

Sue walked into town to look around the shops, I declined the offer to join her. I hate shopping. I stayed at Iona and read my kindle. Sue arrived back without any purchases

We got ready at 17.30 to walk into town for some fish & chips. The expensive shop, Fishers, had a queue so we went to the Five Frying Fish. We sat outside and ate them, it was not a very busy shop but the fish f chips were good.

We walked along the seafront and decided to go and sit out of the wind by a groyne and have a glass of wine 🍷 while we watched the kite surfers. It was quite pleasant and the sun came out.

After a couple of glasses of the red stuff we walked back home. The sun came out again and we settled down in Iona to watch the TV and chill. Tomorrow should be sunnier.

The solar controller is working well and keeping all the batteries charged so we can even use the vehicle battery when charging iPhone and iPads. It should be even better once the other solar panel is fixed.

Day 4:

The sun came out and we sat around outside reading our kindles. We had lunch and planned to go for a walk on the beach.

This time we headed for the carpark and the path that leads to the Sandy beaches. There were a lot of people making the most of the weather.

We walked towards Hunstanton and found some rocks to sit on and take off our shoes, then we headed for the sea. Sue was convinced she was going for a swim but the amount of jellyfish put her off and we continued to walk along the foreshore until we came to the groynes where we attempted to paddle ,being careful of the sharp rocks.

We left the beach and climbed the ramp upto the roadway and then headed home.

Tonight we had a bbq in the sun, kebabs,sea bream and a burger each. It was really good but then sat in the sun Sue said we should stay another night. And as if planned a steward walked by and we asked about another night and he said that was fine just go the the tent in the morning and pay, haha.

So we will be staying another night, we only have to buy me some beer, everything else is ok.

Day. 5:

Today is a bonus so we are staying by the van enjoying the sun. We did have to walk to the local Premier shop to get some more beer for me. Fosters was the choice for price.

It is very hot, the fridge fans cannot cope so I have taken the top vent off.

Tea was a mix off what was available because we are on an extra night. However it turned out ok, pork rolls with stuffing and apple sauce, new potatoes with onions in melted cheese .

We put the wind break away after tea and sat in the last of the sun, listening to a couple of Tuggers bickering about everything. It was quite amusing to end the day.

Our neighbour came over for a chat and we were talking for some time.we eventually got packed away and sat inside at just after 10pm.

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