Iona Heads for the Forest

Trip 4: Everett’s Farm , Foulden, Norfolk. 🌤

Our travels take us from the Cotswolds to Norfolk. The campsite is on a farm next to part of Thetford Forest. When we arrived after travelling along some quite narrow roads we were met by Tina. We are the only ones on the site at present although there are a lot more arriving at the weekend. As I say that another motorhome arrives.

We do not have hook up to the electric so Tina said we could park anywhere except on an electric pitch. We filled with water and once we knew where the sun was going to be we settled near the hedge. However we could not get a TV signal so we moved forward into the middle of the field until we got a signal. The bad news is no BBC but the good news is the England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 football match is on ITV tonight.

After lunch we went for a walk in the forest. There appears to be miles of paths to walk so we won’t get bored. Today we came across a Roe deer on one of the paths and then later on the way back we came across two Peacocks with their tails in full plumage. How they got into these woods we have yet to find out but there are no houses about apart from the campsite, which is some way away from where we saw them.

The owner came over to see us and asked if we could get a TV signal, which we can but only for itv and the football. She then said that a party of youngsters were coming on Friday and they would be next to us. The nearest pitch is a good 20 metres away so we won’t move just for Friday night.

It did get a bit cool so we ate tea inside and by the time we had washed up it was time for the football. England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 v Czechoslovak, England won 1:0.

Day 2:☀️

We left at 10.00am for a walk into Foulden along a very narrow road. We got to the village and saw a memorial on the small green and signs about saving the pub.

We continued through the village to the church.

After a nose about the church,which was locked, we headed for a track through a farm yard. Unfortunately the track we wanted was private so we turned around and headed towards the Forest.

Sue got a blister so we stopped and because Sue is so prepared she had plasters in her bag. Once the blister was sorted we headed into the Forest via a fire break until we came to a track.

We did a quick short detour to see some piglets, well there were hundreds.

The piglets

Then headed back onto the forestry track which took us back towards the campsite. Dragonflies were in abundance and we saw three different coloured ones. We got back to Iona by lunchtime having failed to find anywhere suitable to stop to eat our sandwiches in the Forest. We had covered 5.5 miles

For tea tonight we are having Sea Bream in a parcel with lime & ginger butter.

Sea Bream, corn and salad

Day 3:⛅️☀️

Today we planned another walk after the standard jobs were completed. The plan was to walk through the Forest to the Desert Rats Memorial.

The walk was fairly easy , and a lot of the way we saw foxgloves in abundance. We first came across old concrete standings which looked typical 1943 MOD style. These were probably the tank park. We followed the road and came across a couple of Nissan huts that were the Desert Rats museum.

There was also a trail through the woods with several information boards and two Nissan Hut bases had been found and excavated. We followed the trail and came to the main Road and the proper memorial.

The Desert Rats 🐀 were never based in the UK but they returned from Tunisia to Thetford Camp to prepare for the D Day landings and also to train on the new Cromwell Tank that they took with them to France.The Desert Rats were disbanded in 1950 but they became part of the Royal Tank Corps, The 5th & 7th Armoured Brigade continue to be called The Desert Rats and saw action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We left the memorial and started to make our way back using a different route through the forest where possible. We found a bench and stopped to eat our sandwiches and have a brew. Then it was back on our way.

There were lots of different dragonflies skimming over the flint tracks. We disturbed a Muntjac deer 🦌 in one part of the wood. The other animal that was about nearly everywhere was the grey squirrel 🐿. We also heard peacocks calling in the distance.

We walked just over 8 miles by the time we got home. Despite the water boiler still playing up in Iona, we managed to get it to heat the water, we both had a shower to get rid of our aching muscles.

The sun was now covered with cloud and at 16.00 we had a short shower but it was soon over and the sky became a bit brighter. Sue is cooking fajitas for tea and it looks as if she will be able to cook outside after all.

We did cook outside but we ate inside. I have to say I was swayed and I enjoyed the new challenge, after tea we cleared up and the chairs have been put away because of tomorrow’s planned rain.

Day 4: ⛅️☁️

Cloudy and raining this morning, when it stopped I did my jobs and filled up the water tank from the aqua-roll. After lunch we are going on a short walk – famous last words.

Today’s walk took us across the road and into another wood, unfortunately there was only one track but we did a bit of a detour following a vehicle track but the grass was long and wet and we got pretty soaked.

We joined the original track and went back to the road which we crossed and went into the wood behind the campsite. We were out about an hour but I only did 8881 steps.

More campers have arrived, all tenters at present. The people who will be near us have not arrived yet. Oh yes now they have, 1 caravan, 1 tent and a camper van. This is the smallest village on the site, behind us is a three tent and caravan encampment. Further over there is a six tent, 1 caravan and a huge gazebo campsite. Children everywhere from playing football to hiding from their parents in the forest, it is good to see and reminds me of my own childhood.

That is about it for this trip. We come back to north Norfolk next with a trip to the coast.

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