Iona Sits on the Cliffs

Trip 6: September 14th; ⛅️💨☀️ 18.0°C
Woodhill Park Campsite, East Runton ,Norfolk
Highlights: Uneven pitch, Sea View.

Our Cliff Top Pitch

The drive down took three hours, the traffic along the A17 to Kings Lynn was nose to tail with lots of pushing in when we got to the dreaded Kings Lynn roundabout. Once we left Kings Lynn and headed out on the Cromer road everything went back to normal and we made some good time.

The campsite had a check in cabin so we did not have to get out of the van. We made our way to the pitch which was on a corner and the warden was not very specific and we could park whichever way we wanted. If we parked on the right of the pitch it was very uneven so I went for the left side which was angled because of the corner pitch. The caravans either side seem permanent so we may not have neighbours after all.

West Runton Beach

We have a lot of space to one side of us and not so much on the hab door side but the windbreak is up and we have enough room although the guide ropes do go onto the other pitch. I will move them if it is a problem. We are a little nose down with a slight lean but I think we can handle it ok.

After lunch we sat around for a while and then went for a walk to the beach via East Runton and down the slipway to the beach which had quite a few people. Some swimming and paddle boarding. We sat and watched people while I had a can of beer and Sue had taken a G&T with ice in an insulated beaker. The sea was coming in but it was very near high tide, we think, judging by the seaweed etc.

East Runton Beach

We came back to Iona after about an hour and it was interesting to see the pubs and the chip shop doing a good trade. All seating was outside with track and trace having to be completed. 

Busy Campsite, Woodhill Park, East Runton

Sue put the bread in the oven and we sat outside with a drink. Tea tonight is a ploughman’s type meal with bread , cheese, pickles etc.

I finished off the bread 🥖 late at night. We slept quite well.

::Trip 6 Day 2::
🌤☀️17.5˚C Clear 😎
We awoke to sun 🌞 and the forecast of a hot day. The plan is to go to the beach this morning and take some food with us. 

We went to the beach and walked about a half mile before paddling. However I got a bit carried away and went too far out and got my shorts wet upto the crotch, my rucksack got a little wet. 

Back to the beach to lose the rucksack and watch and back out for a paddle except when I got to Sue I just dived in and found myself swimming fully clothed, ok T shirt and shorts. 

It did not take Sue long to join me and we had a good swim and then back up the beach to the cliffs to try and dry off.

Drying off did not work very welll so we headed back to Iona. 

Stripped off outside and got some dry clothes on before heading for the showers to get rid of the salt and sand. We then sat out in the sun to relax.
Beer o’clock is early today. A reward for swimming in the sea, the first time since Cyprus some 19 years ago.

Tea today is burger, lamb steak and cheesy potatoes 🥔. We ate outside and then moved inside as the chill came on.

::Trip 6 Day 3::
☁️🌥18.0˚C Mostly Cloudy
Today is cloudy but after all the jobs we walked along the beach to Cromer. There were quite a few walkers on the beach and as we got into Cromer the town was quite busy.

We had three things to do in town, get cash from the bank, buy foam balls and Sue wants two new mugs for the Rustic Arms. The bank was easy with an ATM outside, we then went looking for foam balls but we couldn’t find any. Sue had seen some mugs and decided to buy the ones she first saw.

We headed for the pier and watched a team of divers inspecting the ancient cast iron legs of the main pier. We moved off and walked back along the beach to East Runton. Sue had made sandwiches so we stopped on the beach and sat on a large piece of driftwood and ate our sandwiches. After watching people and finishing our lunch we again set off for the campsite.

On the way home we met a drunk who stood to one side and let us pass. Then we met a couple of large and ignorant people who made no attempt to make room for us. thanks 

Once back at Iona we settled down for the afternoon, unfortunately the sun had been covered by clouds and the wind has got up. The windbreak is shaking but we sat outside and read our kindles.

Eventually we moved inside. Time for scones, gin cherry jam and cream. They were very good.
The wind has got stronger and it is really overcast.
Tonight for tea we had Chicken in black bean sauce with egg fried rice. In a bowl which was a great choice for tonight being cool and windy. 

Trip 6 Day 4::
⛅️🌥💨14.0˚C Clear ☀️😎
Campsite : Woodhill Park 

Today we walked into Sheringham although we did not actually go into the town. We turned around and walked back along the beach. When we got back to West Runton we settled on some rocks by the slipway and ate our lunch then strolled back to Iona.

We saw the house the Bob & Paul used in their fishing program.

The sun is out, the sky was clear so we sat outside and read our kindles. I fancied a beer so I had one and then another. Later on we are walking to East Runton for fish and chips on the beach, although the tide is in at 18.33 tonight. Before we set off we took the windbreak down and packed it away.

We walked to East Runton Fish & Chip shop where we bought our tea. We took it down to the beach. The tide was still coming in but we were able to sit on the breakwater and watch a number of surfers 🏄♂️ while we ate the Fish 🐟 & Chips 🍟. Sue took some wine 🍷 and I took a beer 🍺 .It was a great way to round off the four days. 

It was an early night and we got back to Iona before 19.00. I packed away the chairs so there is not much to do in the morning.

The trip home was busy and took us 3.5hrs and a detour.
Trip 6: 196.8 miles, 28.8 mpg, 28 mph (traffic hold ups), 7 hrs travel.

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