Iona goes to a Pub

halfmoonTrip 18: Another first for us. The Half Moon Inn is not a basic stopover but it has a rally field and campsite. The field backs onto the river Ouse as it makes it’s way to join the Humber estuary.
An easy drive to Goole via the A1,M18 and M62 then 5 miles of B class roads to arrive at the Half Moon Inn at Reedness. The campsite is basically a field with some hardstanding at one end that has three pitches. We were on pitch one furthest from the gate but because the grass was so wet we reversed in.
However the pitch is about 8 mtrs long and as we are 7.25 mtrs , there are also a couple of trees overhanging the pitch so I had to park at an angle. I just hope there are not anymore campers coming because I would not be able to get out without driving on the grass which already has tyre tracks where others have had to pull caravans off the site.
It is raining and windy now but we will just walk to the end of the campsite where the river Ouse flows behind the flood bank.The rally field was very wet but we were able to get to the flood bank and look over the river. It was bleak and windy so we will see how it is tomorrow before we venture further.
Another camper arrived with a caravan and parked next to us but he put his van at an angle so we can get out without having to go on the grass and risk getting stuck.
Day 2:
Our neighbour left for work at about 6.30am and then at 7.15am the builders came to get their lorry etc from the yard just off the pub car park. I got up to have a look outside and it was sunny so we should be OK for a walk later.
After breakfast and the normal chores we got ready to walk into Swinesford the next village. We went to the river Ouse and walked along the flood bank. It is a long walk but as we neared the village I spotted a Roe dear on the flood plain near the river bank, I tried to get a picture. We then continued until the path ran out and we had to walk across a field to the road which took us into the village and the garage where chocolate was purchased ready for the walk back.
We walked around part of the village and found one of the two pubs, one is apparently closed but I am not sure if that was the one we found. We walked along the road and past the field we negotiated earlier . We found a track to the flood bank and made our way back.
We kept a look out for the Roe Deer we saw earlier and a little way along the flood bank we came across three deer in amongst the reeds. Again I tried to get a picture but a Phone camera is not the best for good pictures at a distance.
Back at Iona we had lunch and read during the afternoon. Tonight we go to the pub for a Pie and a Pint.
The Half Moon Inn has a public bar and a restaurant. We started off in the bar with a drink and the menu. We were looking forward to the Pie and a Pint offer but it was nowhere on the menu or specials board. I asked the waitress and she checked with the bar staff but is was not on tonight, I politely told the waitress that the website needed to be changed, but I still ordered a steak pie.
A few minutes later the waitress came back and said because it was on the website they would honour the Pie and a Pint and they would deduct the cost of my pint from the bill. We were called through to the restaurant and the food arrived. Both the fish and chips and the Steak pie were very good. After another drink we settled the bill and made our way back to Iona feeling very full.
Day 3:
Awoke to the builders at 7.30am and constant rain. The rain is forecast all day so I am not sure we will be leaving the van afterall. We had planned a short walk but it would not be pleasant.
It was 4.00pm and still raining, our walk was canceled. I have now done 1405 steps , Sue is on 345 steps, no fitness goals today. Tonight we are having Steak and Sue has made a new sauce from ingredients in the fridge, after tasting it and giving a thumbs up, I was informed that it was easy because Sue is a Gastro-Vanner.
Day 4:
The rain has stopped, which is typical because today we head home.
Trip 18: 173 miles, 25.9 mpg, 40 mph, 4hr 18m

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