The Habitation door

Window Repair

After a great few days away at Bridlington we had a week at home to do all the normal things with the garden and house. It is also half term so we had the grandchildren over for a couple of days. On one of these days it had been raining over night and in the morning I went to check that I had not left the roof vents open.
As I opened the Habitation door of Iona I noticed some water spots on the inside of the door and there was water spray on the door step carpet. I first thought that the door had not been closed properly because this had happened before. However as I shut the door from the inside I noticed that the window vibrated, on further inspection the window, which does not open, was delaminating from the door. This left a gap of 6mm between the two surfaces and this is the route that water running off the roof takes when it rains heavily.
I made a couple of phone calls and emails and the Auto-Trail customer services recommended a local motorhome dealer, although they do not actually sell new Auto-Trails. I rang them and they were happy to take on this work under warranty. This will take a couple of weeks to organise etc so I asked if I could tape up the window and use the van, to which they agreed this would be ok.
The window has been taped up with tank tape and we should be able to go on our next trip. After that I hope we will have a date for the repair, this will require rebonding the window and door which may take a few days.

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