Two Imalas at Rutland Water

Lyndon Top, Rutland Water, Trip 13.
July 27th-30th, 2017


Rutland Water is only about 35 miles away down the A1, we use it as a quick break although this time we are meeting some of Sue’s distant cousins, one of whom bought an Imala 734 at the same time as us. I expect we will swap notes sometime over the three days.
The drive down took about 40 minutes and after booking in we were soon set up. There was a strong wind so we waited until after lunch before we attempted to put up the wind break. We have got it down to a fine art now and the windbreak was soon up and angled against the wind. Then the rain showers came and went throughout the afternoon. We eventually retired to inside Iona.

At about 5 o’clock I had the idea that we should go and see the Ospreys. We set off with waterproof coats because it did not look too bright. We arrived at the visitor centre just as they were closing but this turned out to be a good move because they leave a gate open so that people can still get out without going through the visitor centre. 



We set off thinking the viewing hide was just along the path, wrong. After three hides and about a mile we came to the Osprey hide. Once inside we were greeted by two ‘wardens’ who gave us lots of information about the whole Osprey programme and how apart from a couple of  other areas this was the main site with over 40 birds spread about over the area, and about eight other nests although this was the only one able to be viewed by the public. Inside the hide there was a tv screen with live streaming from the nest as well as a couple of powerful telescopes that we could use to watch the Ospreys. 






While we were there we also saw the standard ducks, swans, cormorants, great crested grebes , but the highlight according to the warden was a Water Rail which are very secretive and difficult to see. We spent about 3/4hr there and all our questions were answered and it was a very interesting visit, well recommended if you are at Rutland water , particularly after five o’clock when it is free entry.
On the walk back it poured with rain but we had to revisit all the hides because I had lost a handkerchief somewhere along the way. It did prove that Regatta Outdoor coats are waterproof. Once we got back to the van the sun came out and because Sue had already made tea, she put it in the oven and we sat outside with a drink catching the last of the sun. Tonight we had a tuna pasta bake which was very much needed after our wildlife Safari.

Day 2:


Today the wind is back and but the clouds are moving rapidly across the sky so the sun shows it’s face quite often. Sometime this morning Sue’s cousins will be arriving, and one of their objectives is to cycle around Rutland Water during the weekend. They have messaged us that they are bringing a slow cooked beef stew to share with us, now Sue is worrying that we cannot reciprocate tomorrow.


Martin and Noreen arrived at lunchtime and with the wind whistling past the vans we retired into Iona and spent an hour talking and getting to know each other. Sue had not seen Martin since they were kids so there was a lot of catching up to do. Eventually it had stopped raining and w went outside to setup properly, with Martin’s van a bit nearer we moved our windbreak and Martin set up his gazebo which virtually erected itself. 

Once everything was arranged we sat down with a huge bottle of proscecco and carried on our talks until it was time for a meal. Noreen and Martin had made a stew in their slow cooker and we were soon tucking into stew with mash and greens while outside it pored with rain. After the meal we got a couple of bottles of  the red stuff out and continued getting to know each other and tell stories of our different lives. 

We broke up at 10.00 pm and retired to our separate vans. Ours was pretty cool at 16c so even though it is July the heating went on for half an hour until the temperature was back up to about 21c. Sue and I talked for another hour before turning in for the night.

Day 3:



Saturday, it is still windy but dry and a bit warmer although the sun is behind the clouds. Martin and Noreen are going to cycle around Rutland Water today, we will go for a walk along the shoreline. This afternoon, weather permitting we will have a bar-b-que to finish off our three night stay.

Sue and I went for a walk around the reservoir to hit our 10000 step goal.  Then back to Iona for a sandwich. Martin and Noreen arrived back from their cycle ride. 


We started the bar-b-ques at about 6.00pm and then washed up, ready to sit outside but the first spots of rain came and Martin decided to take the gazebo down before it got too wet. We just about managed it but it will need drying properly later. We then retired to our vans as the rain became heavier. 



Trip 13:
70 miles, 26.8 mpg, av 33 mph, 2hrs 5m time.

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