The Planning has Started

Normally, well 2 or 3 years ago we rarely booked any campsites but now Covid 🦠 has changed the staycation market.

Kelmarsh Tunnel, Market Harborough

We hope to get back camping in late February/March. At that time of year it is best to have a site with electric because the sun is low in the sky and the days are short, this means the solar panels struggle to maintain the batteries especially if you charge iphones and ipads as well as watching the TV.

Market Harborough

Our first three sites take us to April when we have our first THS , this stands for Temporary Holiday Site, these THS are run by different district teams within the Camping & Caravan Club and they can be on sports grounds, school playing fields, show grounds or just a farmer’s field.

The THS are great value for money, the only facilities they normally have are fresh water and a chemical toilet disposal point. Motorhomes and Caravans have their own sanitation and showers so you are self contained and we have solar panels to charge the batteries. Another advantage is that these sites are normally within walking distance of a town centre.

Holywell, Leicestershire

Back to the planning and we start with rough dates and then look for THS sites that are open at that time. It takes time and a lot of juggling. Then once we have the plan filled out we look at which sites need to be booked.

Hunstanton, Norfolk

The independent sites are easy and they usually want a deposit, the C&C club THS sites never used to need booking, we would ring up the night before and we never got turned down because they were full.

Now things have changed and more of the THS recommend you book. This year I have booked far more Temporary Holiday Sites because more people are staying in the UK instead of going to Europe because of Covid 🦠 restrictions.

Sandringham, Norfolk

It is only the end of January and we have 10 campsites booked the first in March and the last in September. There are still some sites that don’t need booking so we will phone the night before to check available space.

Bourton on the Water Model Village

We have 17 sites planned in the calendar, 10 are new to us and the rest are either favourites or there is something new to see on a second visit. We will have to see if there are any new Covid 🦠 restrictions that may change the plans.

Brancaster , Norfolk

One thing to do before we pack Iona with the kit is the annual Habitation service. This checks all the electrics and gas as well as looking for damp , it is an MOT for the living quarters. We have had the MOT for the vehicle which it passed so just this final service and we are ready to go.

Bridlington, our favourite place.

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