Iona has 🦠E202H symptoms

No it is not a motorhome variant of Covid 19, but the boiler equivalent of a cold. Let me explain.

We have had two trips this year and on both trips we have had this E202H error code come up on the heating system and then the boiler shuts down.

I have posted the symptoms on lots of motorhome and caravan forums in the hope that someone knows a cure.

According to the book it could be due to several things. A blocked Flu(e), lack of gas 💨, an electrical problem ⚡️.

Like a cold, we did manage to overcome the symptoms for a few hours, just like taking 💉cold & flu medicine. This meant we could carry on with our trips but I needed to be a bit more active when it came to heating the water or the interior.

I tried all the options that others had suggested but the problem kept returning. I needed a 👨‍🔧boiler doctor and luckily for us there was one that answered my email the same day and he was in the area that afternoon.

Welcome Toby our Motorhome saviour. Just like a visit to the doctor 👨‍⚕️ I explained the symptoms and unfortunately Toby had never come across this ‘virus’ code.

However there were some basic checks to make first. Firstly the gas supply was checked and it was far above the minimum pressure required, so the gas regulator was not the problem. Then the airways, the balanced flue was inspected, clear with no blockages.

As so often happens we could not replicate the symptoms. The boiler appeared to be well again but Toby decided to phone the consultant at Truma Technical help desk.

After lots of question and answers we were told to try several different exercises. Nothing we did would bring up the error code but it was increasingly obvious that the most likely cause was the second stage solenoid.

In layman’s terms this switch supplies gas for the 4kw boiler full power and then as the boiler gets near to the set temperature it switches to 2kw half power by reducing the gas flow etc and this is when the boiler shuts down because it cannot 👃🏻sense gas flow.

The problem is that it is erratic in operation. On my first test it failed, on the second test it worked perfectly going from full power to half power and then on reaching the set temperature it switched off.

I then tested it several times and kept a record of the results. Hopefully this would confirm the solenoid needs replacing and the E202H 🦠 would be cured. Well it was a mixed bag of results and the Solenoid was faulty.

The part was ordered and is expected soon, in the meantime we will have to mange it as best we can on our next trip.

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