Preparing for 2021

January 2021 a New Year: Preparing Iona for after Lockdown 3.

We are in lockdown from the Covid 19 🦠 pandemic. We could be here until Easter. They are rolling out two vaccines with another two due this month. The army logistics have been called in to do a proper distribution job. It does seem a bit chaotic at present.

Iona is booked in for an MOT with a habitation service booked the following week. I still have to decide where to have a service, Fiat garage, Camper UK or an Independant.

When we have the MOT we will go for a walk upto a local landmark, Belmont Tower to pass the time. We did it last year and the MOT was completed by the time we got back to the garage.

The MOT went well and Iona passed. I spoke to the service lady and they do service all vans as well as cars. They can service our motorhome. I think that has made my decision on where I have Iona serviced much easier.

I have booked a different company to do the Habitation Service at our house. The man we usually use seems to have stopped working. It will be different this year with the Virus 🦠. The new to us firm have given us instructions on what we need to do to keep Covid secure.

Our next job is to remove the seat bases and one of the mattresses. I have to take out the pans under the cooker so the oven can be tested and lastly empty the under bed cupboards so the habitation guy has easy access. I also need to prime the water pump as long as there is no frost forecast.

On the morning of the service the temperature was down to -3°C and all the cupboards were frozen. The first job was to unfreeze them and I was caught by our neighbour using a hair dryer to get them open. Embarrassing but a job well done.

Dean from ACTS was a bit later than planned because of the roads but after a quick chat he was soon busy. We had decided not to worry about adding water because of the freezing temperature.

He took just under 4 hours to service everything. The damp check turned out to be better than last year. The areas around a door showed 22 last year but this year they are only score 11. Last year a window was showing a score of 24, it needed sealing around one corner which I did with proper sealant. This year the reading is back to 11.

The next job is to put all the seating back inside then the chairs and table in the cupboard before booking a service. There is one cupboard door that may need adjusting but apart from that there is nothing else to do.

We just need the Pandemic 😷 lockdown to be over and we can plan this year’s trips.

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