Iona has a new Door

The new door

A couple of months ago in this hot weather we returned from a trip to find the window on the Habitation door was coming unstuck from the door. We contacted Auto-Trail and they suggested CamperUK would be our nearest authorised repair shop. In the meantime hold it on with duct tape and we could still use the motorhome.

I phoned CamperUK and made arrangements to take the motorhome  to have it assessed. On the day, Tara, from the warranty dept came out and took pictures and made a note of the door and a wheel arch repair.

A week later I got a phone call to say that the warranty claims had been approved and we were to get a new door and the wheel arch clip replaced.

A couple of days before Iona was due in the garage we were away in Bridgnorth. On the last day of the holiday, the habitation water pump for the taps and shower stopped working properly. I knew this was another warranty repair but we had planned to be off on our travels in a couple of weeks.

We took Iona to CamperUK and I explained that the water pump had broken and asked if they would raise another warranty claim and we would book in again when the parts had arrived. We left and driving home we discussed camping without the water pump. We have all the equipment from previous camping outings when we competed with our pony so we agreed to go ahead as planned ,pump or no pump.

The repairs were due to be done over the next two days, Tuesday & Wednesday,  so when we got a phone call on Tuesday afternoon to say the repairs were going well and they had got a new water pump for us, I was lost for words. Later at about 5pm another phone call to say the work was done and we could collect the Motorhome .

Well, we had arranged to collect the Motorhome  on the Thursday due to other commitments and the garage were quite happy to store the van for the night.

Thursday came and we drove to Lincoln and after talking to service reception the engineer who had done all the repairs came out and accompanied us to Iona , where he took us through everything that had been done. He explained that the door was slightly whiter but this would blend in once it had been exposed to the elements for a couple of months. The water pump was not the same model because they were only available from the factory so they put in an alternative model of the same make and specification, this basically saved us an eight week wait because the Auto-Trail factory is on holiday for three weeks.

I think I smiled all the way to the petrol station, where I filled up with auto-gas for £10 saving £19 against the calor bottles that we used to use, more smiles.

Once home it was time to fill the motorhome for our next trip, this time to Sheringham on the Norfolk coast, but that will be another blog…..


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