Weighing Iona for the next trip


Getting ready for the next trip we thought it was time to get Iona weighed. The last time we did it was just after we bought her and since then we have added quite a bit of kit including the gas-it system and the gazebo.
We are off to York soon so we loaded the van with everything we needed, this included all the food and booze as well as the clothes and general equipment, tables,chairs, cadac, gas.
Before we visited the weigh-bridge we drove to the garage to fill the gas tank to the limit of 24 Litres of LPG and 3/4 fill with diesel, about 60 Litres. Add to this the fresh water system says we are 25% full = 34 Litres.
We drove to the weigh bridge and after explaining the weights I wanted testing, then handing over £20 I put the van on the weigh-bridge in the three different positions.
The results were fine, the front axle is within 270kg of the max, the rear axle is a lot closer with only 20kg to spare, this is due to the rear overhang and the amount of kit under the beds at the back of the van, however the maximum vehicle weight is 3650kg and our total fully loaded is 3580kg, so we still have 70kg of spare payload.
Next stop York in a fully legal motorhome.


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