Withdrawal Symptoms in November

We have not been away since October and our visit to Drayton Manor. The past few weeks have been spent decorating our home which we had put off for sometime, some would say years.  We are nearly finished and now Christmas is very close, so our attention is now geared to the family.

However we do need to plan next year so I have made a list of all the temporary holiday sites within 150 miles of us and we are now in a position to discuss the final camping plans for next year.
To get in the mood we have decided to do the planning in the motorhome one evening  even though it is parked on the drive.
The van is cold so I wanted to see how long it takes to warm up, after a trial run I think it looks like about 3/4 hour from 4c to 21c. As part of this pre planning I have read the heating control manual and I have found that it is possible to set the heating on a timer to pre warm the motorhome.
Tomorrow, Saturday, I will turn on the gas and set the controls for the heating to come on at about 16.00 to warm the van up for our planning meeting at about 19.00. Obviously it will take some time so refreshments will be provided in the fridge and at room temperature.
Hopefully we will emerge at sometime , Happy and with the camping calendar complete. If not we may have to repeat the exercise on Sunday.

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