Getting ready for Winter

We were asked by some friends if we had a slow cooker. No we said but we do slow cook in the oven at home. We listened to them gush about a slow cooker in the motorhome.
In the autumn,winter and spring we camp with electric hookup so it seemed to make sense. We did some research and it was clear we only needed a small one for the two of us. I started looking for a 1.5 litre slow cooker,  that is apparently a good size for two to three people.
It is a bit of a minefield but I found one from Andrew James, a name we are used to from other products. I was impressed that it was only 120w , great for the motorhome, and it had a ceramic inner bowl and glass lid. The best bit was it was only £15.99. I bought one.
Remembering that this is for the motorhome, but we had to test it. This particular week we are decorating the house so it was a good time to test it. In seven days we have had five slow cooked meals. We are both smitten and the cooker has not seen the outside of the motorhome yet, let alone the inside.
Somehow I have got to get the slow cooker into the motorhome before we wear it out in the house.

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