Iona gets an Extra Room


This is a stock image from Robert Dyas website.

We recently met up with some cousins who had a pop-up gazebo. This was great when it rained and we ate in it on the first evening. We were impressed but we had already decided we did not need an awning.

Martin’s Gazebo with the side sheets added


Swapping Photos before the Bar-b-Que


On our next trip we were parked next to a couple who also had a Quest pop-up awning and after talking to them about it they suggested I helped take it down when they left. When the day came I went to their van and they had removed the pegs and storm straps, 2 minutes later it was down and after six minutes it was packed away in it’s bag, so I borrowed it to see if it fitted in our van, Yes it did.
I reluctantly took it back and Jack told me that this was the first time they had put it up and taken it down, I am now even more impressed and then he told me where he got it from and how much it was.
Robert Dyas were selling it as a special for £30-£40 less than other shops plus a 10% discount on your first internet order, well that covered the postage and I was hooked. I ordered one that night.
We went home and the Gazebo was due to arrive on the following Tuesday, which it did. I put it up on Wednesday within 2 minutes, sure it needed pegging etc but I think 8-10 minutes to complete it. Just our luck we found three holes in the roof, no more the 3mm wide but enough to reject it. I am awaiting the couriers to collect the damaged one and deliver a new one tomorrow. Great customer service from Robert Dyas.
The new one arrived and is 100%.


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