Iona gets some TLC

We had to have the cooker hob repaired under warranty and Nick, our engineer commented that he thought that a new van should have some rubber matting on the floor of the gas locker.

After only 800 miles the metal floor skin was already showing signs of wear, so I put it on my list of things to look at. I looked at my friendly shop, eBay and there are lots of firms selling rubber matting, unfortunately most start at a metre square. Our gas locker is 55cm x 39cm so spending £20 was expensive for the size needed.

After a good search I found a company that offered 3mm matting in 1/2m lengths x 1.5m wide. It was still more than I wanted but it cost £8.50. I can do the locker twice and have some spare to put between the waste water tank and the holding straps, this will stop the tank from moving because people have found the straps are wearing grooves in the tank.


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