Iona goes to Bakewell

Bakewell Showground THS – Trip 9

June 5th – 9th.


We have been to this site before in our first motorhome, ‘Matilda’, but this is all new to ‘Iona’ so we will start again. The weather forecast is not brilliant. Today Sue went shopping and I prepared the garden. Sue packed Iona this afternoon and I put some fresh water in the tank to check the systems.
It is a good job I did because I just made sure the system was primed with no air in the pipes. The pump did it’s thing and switched off but then proceeded to pulse every seven seconds. After asking questions on the FB group I thought I had better check for leaks, and after removing a shelf I found a drip from the bottom of the water pump. To cut to the chase, I removed the pump, stripped down the diaphragm housing, nothing was loose, cleaned it all up and put it all back. Luckily it has cured the problem, it must have been some grit affecting the seal. So we are all ready for Trip 9.


We set off in sunshine ☀️ but as we went further inland the skies got darker and the heavens opened climbed over the hills before heading down towards Bakewell. It was still raining when we reached the site on the showground and there were a number of large puddles. The rain eased and we filled up the water and found a pitch that was nearly level. We were soon eating lunch and settling down to read as the rain came back. The hills behind us were clear when we arrived but now they are shrouded in mist.

Tonight we had goat cheese in breadcrumbs on a bed of salad leaves with Cherry Bomb Chilli and soft cheese as a starter, followed by battered prawns with ginger, potato wedges, garlic mayonnaise and salad. Motorhoming food is great!
Day 2:

Awoke at 7am to rain and wind buffeting the van, it was cold so we stayed in bed until 9am, the temp inside was 14c so the heating went on to get it back to a more manageable 20c.  Rain is forecast all day again but we have wet weather gear to fight the elements.


We walked into town at about 11am in full wet weather gear, we got to the Agricultural centre by the river and the heavy rain turned to light rain. The bridge over the river Wye has even more padlocks than last year. Despite the rain the river was not in full flood and we could still see huge trout drifting with the current. We walked around town and then followed the river to the recreation park that has a large cricket pavilion.

Along the way we watched three mallard drakes diving for food on the bottom of the  river, it was so clear you  could follow their progress under the water.



The Paddlock Bridge


 On our way back we stopped off at a pasty and pie shop. Two Steak and Stilton pasties were purchased and we found a bench by the river to eat them, even though it was still raining. We made our way back to Iona and while still in wet weather gear, I went on Elsan duty and Sue took care of the rubbish.
The wind is still strong and the van got down to 17c so the heating went on then off, then a warning sign appeared on the control panel. The gas was nearly out, so back on with the waterproofs to changeover the gas bottle. That one lasted 8 days mainly wild camping.
Tea tonight was an inside bar-b-que with belly pork,chicken, potato wedges and salad. The wind is still rocking the van and the batteries are down a bit without the sun but we should be ok.
Day 3:
The wind is still shaking the van and at 9am there is little sign of the forecast sunny intervals. The wind is meant to drop by 10am and the sun should come out.


Today we walked away from Bakewell town along the river Wye until we came to a crossroads of paths, we headed for the Monsal trail that is the old railway track of the Midland railway. The line closed in 1968 and it has been made into a cycle/walking trail.


We climbed up a steep embankment onto the old track bed and found a viewing point where we could see Iona on the showground.

Following the trail was quite hard because of the incline up into Bakewell. We were dressed for wind and rain but in the shelter of the embankments it became warm enough to lose a layer of clothing. Eventually we came to the old Bakewell station where there were twin tracks to enable trains to pass. The buildings are in use as a business although the canopy over the track has long gone.





The Old Bakewell Station. The Platform edge can be seen as slabs.



The Station Front now a business premise
From the station we walked down into town and headed back to the campsite for lunch. The afternoon was spent reading and then at 6pm we walked into town to get fish and chips which we ate sitting on a bench by the river, then we took a slow walked back home. There was no wind for a change and the sun was still warm. Tonight and tomorrow will see the return of the rain but the winds will not be as strong, we may see some sun.
A Lagonda in the Showground car park


Day 4:

The bad weather returns, heavy rain banging on the roof at 6.30am and now thick cloud and light rain. Today I am told it will be retail therapy but I shall not get too involved.

Sue walked into town to do some shopping and I stayed in the van and then went for a short walk along the river wye.

There was not a lot we could do today because of the weather. Tea tonight was Cheeses and cold meats.

Day 5:
Typically the sun was out and the weather was looking good as we prepared to travel home. I was joined by some ducks and I gave in and fed them. The drake even took bread from my hand.

The drive home was fine and we changed the route after Mansfield so we could avoid Kelham Bridge which is a bit narrow as we found out on the way to Bakewell, a Lorry and Iona just pass each other with inches to spare.

Trip 9: distance  138 miles, av MPH 27,  MPG 26.5

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