Getting ready for Woodhall Spa

Jubilee Park , Woodhall Spa – Trip 5
April 10th – 13th,2017.

Well, as you have read the warranty repair of the cooker is still ongoing. Nick is just waiting for the parts. In the meantime I have added rubber to the waste tank brackets to stop any movement.The new rechargeable sensor lights are up and running. I have purchased a filler cap for the fresh water, so I can connect the hose directly to the filler. I am not planning any more add ons but who knows.

Iona is all clean and ready for our next outing. We are planning this time to go back to Woodhall Spa.
It all started to go wrong when I could not lock the driveway gate, after readjusting the gate and clearing the bolt hole we finally locked up and climbed into Iona. I switched the sat nav on and nothing happened. I rebooted it and we got a blue screen. I gave up and because we know the way to Woodhall Spa we just set off. The trip there was OK but the road camber and the bumps make it a stressful drive.


We arrived after an hour and we were escorted to pitch 50. The site was packed but not quite full of Tuggers mainly with a splattering of motorhomes. We levelled the van and I went for water. Water pressure was high and the hose jumped out of the aqua roll and did a series of spirals while drenching me on every pass, looking like a drowned rat I made my way back to Iona. With the pump setup I retired to change into some dry clothes. And then again I went for some more water but this time I was prepared and completed the task without getting wet.

I had a closer look at the sat nav and I think it was something to do with the power lead, but even when changing that it still froze so a couple of reboots and it appears to have got over itself. I left it charging in case that was part of the issue.
The original Spa


The Tea House


After a bite to eat we went for an impromptu walk to the Kinema in the Woods and the old Spa buildings. While checking out the work that the woodsmen had completed since we were last here we saw a large Roe deer buck. He was quite happily walking along until he saw us and froze. He watched us for several minutes and then turned and ran off into the thick rhododendrons. We found a path that took us by the golf course and came out at the Tea Shop in the woods, unfortunately I had left my wallet in the van so we carried on walking towards the park, taking pictures as we went.

We had an amazing tea of beef wellington with a port jus, garlic mushrooms and butter mash, accompanied by a nice red wine.

Beef Wellington
Day 2.
We were joined at by our daughter in law and our grandsons. The sun was out and there is a play park 100mtrs away. Katie, our daughter in law, had some friends staying at the same site in their caravan, so after lunch they all went off for a walk around the woods and peace returned for a while. I joined Sue outside and sat reading our books behind the van out of the wind.


Katie and the boys returned for a drink before they set off for home. We returned to sit outside for a bit longer but the wind got stronger and we gave in and went back inside. At 18.00 it was still sunny and our neighbours had the BBQ on the go.
Day 3:

We woke up to thick cloud and by 9.00am it was raining. We spent the next hour doing the normal jobs around the van. The rain soon stopped and we walked into Woodhall to post an order and to see if we could find any chunky wine glasses. After the post office we popped into the co-op for a couple of things and then walked up to the bakery for  a couple of pasties for lunch. Unfortunately they only had one left but there was another batch due out of the oven in ten minutes. We walked on a bit further and then returned to the bakery where we paid for the pasties and waited until they were ready.

After checking the hardware shop for glasses we decided to go through the woods back to the van and try to find a seat where we could sit down to eat the very hot pasties. After the snack we continued through the wood , I took a picture of some ivy that was 4′ thick and another tree with knobbly growths.


We headed for The Petwood Hotel , while here we needed to take a picture with Grace Bear to show where we had taken her on this trip. We settled on a new gazebo that has been built to replace the original that had long since fallen down.


We followed the new path around the perimeter of the wood where we found some Rhododendrons and came out at the main lawn where we made our way back to Iona.

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and people watching, the rain stayed away but the wind steadily grew stronger. Tea tonight was mussels and fries with crusty bread that we bought earlier. Tomorrow we pack up and head home, but without the awning it does not take long to get ready.

Day 4:
Time to pack. The things that take the time is wrapping everything to stop rattles but Sue has it down to a tee, however after being on the road for half a mile we had to stop because there was a banging every time I braked. I thought it was coat hangers hitting the wardrobe door so I removed them and set off again. However the noise was still there and we came to the conclusion that it was a cupboard door that was not closed properly. Sue waited until we stopped at a junction and nipped back to check and sure enough the small cupboard door in the bedroom was not locked shut. Once that was sorted we had no further issues and the trip home went well.
Trip 5: 61.9 miles, av speed 28mph, 25.1 mpg, 2.12 hrs

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