Iona gets some TLC

When we were away and it was very cold at night I noticed that condensation was forming on the aluminium extrusion that holds the floor to the walls. I spoke to Auto-Trail technical services and they said it does happen sometimes. And they suggested insulation where it was happening.

I managed to get some neoprene insulation strip to cover the exposed metal and stop condensation forming. I bought 5 mitres which has covered all the areas that I can see apart from near the boiler which I thought I would leave well alone.

Before showing Aluminium


After with the Aluminium covered

When on Facebook the other night a member of the auto-trail group mentioned that their waste water tank moved in it’s holding straps. I went to check ours and sure enough it moved when pushed hard enough. I have some old rubber car mats so the next job is to put some of this rubber between the straps and the tank to stop any movement.

We also had a visit from Nick who is an Approved Workshop Engineer, he came to check the cooker for a warranty claim. The problem is a gas valve which he is going to order. In the meantime the old valve has decided to work but we are having it replaced.

Just waiting for our next adventure to Teversal.

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