Iona develops a Leak


Today we arrived at our Son’s house for, as the grandchildren call it, a Sleep Over. We all went for a walk as you do and then back home. After playing and trying to wear them out it was time for tea.

A couple of large Pizzas were ordered from Pappa Johns along with some side dishes etc. Wine and beer was collected from Iona and we all stuffed our faces.

I thought I would set the timer for the heating in Iona to come on before we retired to bed. I set it for 19.00 and I went to check it out at 20.00 to make sure I had got it right.  It was working so I turned the fan down and went back indoors.

When we were kicked out at about 23.00 the van was nice and warm. I switched everything on as normal and the water pump started, I checked the taps were shut but the pump didn’t stop. Sue asked I I could here running water and then water started to flow from under the sofa. I switched the pump off and quickly started to mop up litres of water with towels, it took two bath towels and a dish cloth to soak it up.

On inspecting under the cooker I found that a pipe was not seated in a push fit ‘T’ joint. Pushing it in properly it cured the leak and then a few spots of water were found where a pipe went into the pump, this was pushed in properly. The pump was swiched on and it stopped pumping almost instantly. Problem solved – hopefully!

The cat came in to have a look around but the lure of the outside was too much for him. I let him out before he started clawing the carpets which is what he did in the old motorhome to get our attention.

I woke at 7.00 to find the van warm, in the excitement of the flood I had forgotten to turn the heating off. At least it dried out any water we had missed.

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