The Graphics have arrived.


When we got Iona we were very pleased with her but unlike our previous van, Matilda, the back panel is very flat and uninteresting. It needed something to give it the personal feel, we decided to add some graphics. The Auto-Trail logo used to be an Native American Indian headress and a lot of the models are named after Native American Indian tribes so we started looking for something with that theme.

I  did some research on the name Imala, and it is a name given to Native American Indian girls. The word Imala means ‘Discipline’ or ‘Disiplinarian’ so with a bit of thought. Someone who discplines knows the rules. So the translation of Imala became ‘She Who Knows’.

I just needed to find a suitable image and a company to cut it out. It is strange how the quotes varied with the most expensive being £196.00 and the most reasonable from a local business was £38.00. Needless to say Allen Signs from Lincoln got the job.

Today it was warm and dry although the sun was hidden in cloud. I started to just mark the rear panel out and I got carried away and finished the job.

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