Iona is off to Caistor

Caistor Lakes , Lincolnshire – Trip 2

February 17th – 20th 2017,


Packing the new van had been a bit of a worry. Where would the Aqua Roll sit inside the van, can we get the table and chairs on because the storage looks so narrow. Well we need not have worried everything went into the storage cupboard, including the aqua roll and a new storage case for wet weather gear. There is still space to cram an extra table etc. Inside the motorhome we have an empty cupboard above the cab and lots of space in the bedroom cupboards.

Tomorrow we head off to Caistor but we are going via the weigh bridge to see how well we have done in packing Iona. If we are overweight we can come back home and unload something.

Day 1:
We left home at 10.00am and got some fuel, then continued to the public weighbridge at M C Mountain transport depot. £10 later I had a smile on my face which is unusual after I have spent money. The result on the ticket showed that fully laden with half a tank of diesel and the two of us the whole van came in at 3520kg. Iona is plated at 3650kg so we have plenty of spare payload.

We left the transport yard and set off for Caistor only to find the road we wanted was closed, so a short drive to find somewhere to turn around and we were off again in the right direction. It took us just over an hour to get to the site which the sat nav found without problems.

Apart from the 30 pitches there are three fishing lakes. There is a restaurant onsite and it appears to be popular with the local villagers, the facilities are spotless and the owners are very pleasant and accommodating.

This is the view towards the restaurant and facilities from the far side of the Match lake.

We are parked right by the match fishing lake and there are a further two other Lakes. They have transformed a muddy field into a very attractive site while still trying to encourage wildlife. There are a number of owl boxes spread about the site and once the shrubs get established it will look good.

Folly on the Specimen lake
Folly on the Specimen lake

Day 2:
No sun this morning but it is reasonably warm and dry. Totally lazy day, the most we did was walk around the lakes. We did try the cooker grill today which worked well although it smelled as it burnt off something. It then started smoking and I switched it off and the smoke stopped so I gave it another go and eventually the smoking stopped but the smell remained.

Steak for tea, which was a Lidl special and it turned out to be very tender. We also had butternut squash ‘chips’ not quite the same but it made a change from normal.
Day 3:

The sun is out today so after breakfast we walked into Caistor. The town is built on a hill and at one time it must have been quite affluent judging by the quality of the building. Today sadly there is a new co-op , a couple of chippies, bric a brac shop and a few other businesses.

This mark the site where Roman skeletons were found

We made our way back and saw a footpath so we took a detour but 400 yds into the walk the path became so muddy we turned back. I didn’t want Sue slipping and breaking her other arm.

Once back at Iona we made some tea and sat outside until the sun was again hidden by clouds. I checked the electric meter and we were quite low so I went to the reception and added some more units before we run out.

The first breakage has occurred. Yesterday when we used the grill there was smoke and a smell of burning plastic. Today the front gas ring would light but the flame failure sensor would not let it stay
alight so my guess is the wire to the sensor was what was smoking yesterday.

We had an early tea in the impressive restaurant, roast pork for me and fish & chips for Sue. Then back to watch TV in the van over a few glasses of wine.

Day 4:

Home today.  I got up early because the lakes were being netted to check the fish stocks. There were thousands of small roach but at least 40 carp over 20 lbs, and this was not the specimen lake. They were going to net it again but by now the sun had gone in and the wind chill factor drove me for a cup of tea in Iona.



We left at about 10.30am, the traffic on the way home was quite light and we were back in just over an hour.

Trip 2: 132 miles, 24.8mpg, av speed 34 mph.

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