Preparations for the next Adventure

We have Iona at home and we had a free day so it was time to get all the kit from Matilda transferred to Iona.

Sue still has an arm in plaster so her task was to decide where everything should go. There is far more space to choose from, so it will be easier to get to what you want without having to unpack whole cupboard.

My main job was to fit the TV bracket in the bedroom, but before that the wall had to be strengthened and measurements taken. It turned out to be a bigger job than expected but once finished it has done the job. I will still take the TV off the bracket when travelling to reduce the strain on the fixings.


I refitted the Mirror Guard wing mirror covers and they fitted perfectly on the new van.

The final task was to pack our tables and chairs, cadac, waste master and odds and ends into the storage lockers. I did worry that they would not be wide enough for the table and chairs but it all went in, with enough room to fit a large storage box that will hold wellies and wet gear.

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