Today was Imala Day

Today was the day we were going to collect the new motorhome but alas it was not to be.

I should say that we like to try and walk 3 miles a day and on the wednesday afternoon before collecting the van on friday, Sue asked if I was coming for a walk. I decided not to on this occasion as I was doing some DIY. Anyway Sue got ready and off she went.

I finished the DIY after about 45 minutes and I had just cleaned up and put the kettle on when the phone rang. It was Sue at the local Camping site along the walk, she had fallen over and hurt her arm and needed a lift home. As soon as I got there I found Sue and instantly saw that she had broken her arm near the wrist.

I drove her straight home to get a coat and some money and off to A&E we went. We arrived at 16.15, I know this from the carpark ticket. Without giving chapter and verse, over the next four and half hours, Sue was booked in, the arm was x-rayed and she was seen by several people, temporary plaster, x-rayed and we were sent home at about 8.50pm.

We had an appointment at the fracture clinic on the Friday we were due to collect the van and although I was told to go and collect it I declined. We obviously want to collect it together and we had booked three nights away to really test it out.

Thursday I spent time ringing the dealer and rearranging collection for the following week, changing the insurance dates etc.

We went to the hospital on friday morning. After looking at a previous x-ray the Doctor decided that Sue’s arm should be properly plastered with a full cast. Now they wanted us back the following week but I managed to tell the nurse that we were away and we were not able to attend. She asked the receptionist to make an appointment in two weeks. However it seems that the clinics are closed in two weeks and we cannot wait three weeks. I left it in their hands to sort it out, we are collecting the motorhome as planned. (together I hope).

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