Nearly Iona Collection Day

After waiting 4 months for the collection date for Iona we are now one day away from when the Imala 734 is delivered to the dealer in Cheshire. Then we have to wait for them to give it a Pre Delivery Inspection, register it and get all the paperwork signed.

Matilda has been cleaned. All the cupbords are empty and because we have an overnight stay, a list of basic kit has been made and we are about ready for the big day.

With Snow forecast this weekend I am in no real hurry to drive the two hours across the Pennines to collect a new van that I have never driven in the sunshine, let alone Snow.

I expect Spinney’s to phone me to confirm they have the van and give me a collection date. I don’t expect that date will be next week but who knows.

When we do finish the change over we will be staying at a camp site about a mile away from the dealer. This is so we can try everything out and see if we have any questions or issues. On the way home we have to drive past the dealer which will be handy if we need any help or clarification on how things work..

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